ibogaine treatment costA lot of drug users and their families see treatment and rehab as the best option that they have to recover their lives. This belief is understandable because even the government promotes rehab institutions as the best way to treat drug addiction. But from another standpoint, it seems like holding the patient into a vicious circle of recovery and backslide. Why? Traditional treatment normally encourages the use of one drug, frequently methodone or suboxone, to sever the link between the individual and his tendency to use drugs. The problem is, instead of just heading to the root of the problem, traditional treatments simply tackle the discomforts of a more substantial dilemma. It is perfectly logical that the recovery rate for traditional solutions is only between 1% and 4%. Ibogaine treatments, on the flip side, are more beneficial solutions for the treatment of drug abuse. You cannot use ibogaine on your own so despite knowing how much an ibogaine costs and you have the money to buy, you still need to visit an ibogaine clinic.

What is ibogaine? 

Ibogaine originated from the Tabernanthe iboga plant which is local to Africa. There, it is being used for medicinal and spiritual reasons. In the U.S., Howard Lots is recognized as the leader in the research and use of ibogaine for the treatment of addiction. He started his scientific studies in 1962 until 1967 when he was pressured to cease as ibogaine became categorized by the government as a Schedule 1 drug.

Now that you know what is ibogaine, why should people go for ibogaine treatments instead of traditional ones?

First, an ibogaine treatment boasts of a success rate of 70% compared to the 1% to 4% success rate of traditional approaches. After more than 40 years of scientific research, it has been tested that using ibogaine is the best strategy to treat addiction.

Second, in contrast to conventional treatments which use methodone or suboxone, the patient does not substitute one addiction for another. And because ibogaine targets receptors in the head that provoke craving and withdrawal symptoms, ibogaine treatments are virtually a quick process to pass through.

Finally, an ibogaine treatment is finished in less than two days. Compare that with conventional treatment method that can last from 6 months to a couple of years. After a 36-hour period, an affected person is given 3 to 5 days for comfort and introspection.

If you have been residing for years with another person who has been suffering from drug abuse, you can’t afford to throw away your hard-earned cash for a solution that may or may not succeed, or a solution that only performs for only a period of time. In order for you and your loved one to completely restore your lives, you should think about getting ibogaine treatments.
Even though ibogaine presents a virtually miraculous treatment for substance dependency, there are hazards involved. Treatment, therefore, needs to be administered by a clinic and not to be executed alone. The ibogaine treatment centers cost varies depending on its location. Therapy clinics might demand people to obtain an EKG as well as liver panel prior to having ibogaine. Junkies receiving ibogaine treatment needs to be really healthy and not possess a history of mental problems.

Since the government has yet to accept ibogaine as treatment for substance dependency, many Americans had to go outside the country to undergo the treatment. No matter how much an ibogaine treatment costs, it is definitely worth it. Furthermore, wide-range ibogaine research and also clinical trials must be carried out so that the remarkable results we have seen so far will not be regarded as largely anecdotal. Meanwhile, ibogaine treatment centers abroad are helping drug addicts overcome their substance reliance and providing individual reports of success stories. If you want to know how much does ibogaine treatment costs, you can visit Ayahuasca Healing’s website.

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