Important Update Re: Your Upcoming Retreat


I have an important update for you, regarding your upcoming
Ayahuasca Retreat with us.

This is an amazing update that I’m so happy to share with you,
so please read this post
until the end.

There are several updates, regarding your retreat that will
ultimately improve your experience with
us in so many ways.

I’ll start with the most important update and one that we are so
happy to proceed with in how we run our

Ever since receiving guidance to create an Ayahuasca Healing
Center in the first place…

I have been shown:

A very unique way of needing to bring the medicine to the world.

A way where the Path of the Feminine, is how we heal…

Through Love. Through Light. Through beauty, family, connection,
and the soft gentle grace of the Mother…

This, in contrast with the old, traditional way of working with
Ayahuasca, is very different.

As that path is one that is very Masculine, like every ceremony
is going into battle to fight the demons within us…

It works. And it’s powerful.

But I have been shown, that I need to bring the Path of
The Feminine… The Healing of the Divine Mother…

To the world.

And this is the very exciting change to our retreats:

We now have an AMAZING female shaman who will be leading
your Ayahuasca Retreat with us, Carmen Santillan.

There is something so special, so rare, so soft, loving
and gentle about her…

She is a mother of 5, and the presence of the Divine Mother
is so strong within her…

She is so powerful… yet so feminine…

And she is exactly who I’ve been wanting to work with,
ever since starting Ayahuasca Healings many years ago…

I’m so excited for you to meet her!

You have to read the complete bio I’ve writtin for her here.

(Scroll down a little to the section for Carmen Santillan)

I’m so happy and excited beyond words to introduce you to
this incredible woman, and I have no doubt, that you will
have nothing but MORE than an amazing experience with her.

How Does This Change Effect You & Your Retreat?

There are many benefits to this change in our shaman, and
why you can be nothing but happy about this shift.

1. Carmen Will Be There For You Throughout Your Entire Retreat

Paul Diamond, our previous shaman, would only come to
lead our Ayahuasca Ceremonies. So he would only be there
for three nights of the retreat.

However, with Carmen, one of the greatest benefits of this
transition; aside from it just feeling RIGHT and what Spirit
asks of us…

Is that she will be there throughout your entire retreat
with us.

She will lead not only your Ayahuasca Ceremonies, but additional
healing experiences and rituals, that you can not help but
receive so much from.

Plus, she’ll be there to really build a relationship with you.
A connection with you. She WANTS to be there throughout the
entire retreat with you…

To get to know you, and in doing so, be able to really support
you in your healing, in the deepest way possible…

2. Day 1, Purification Ritual

One of the most notable aspects of what Carmen brings to
our Ayahuasca retreats, that is different than how we are
currently doing it…

Is that she will lead a Tobacco Ceremony on the first day of
your arrival with us.

This is a very deep Purification Ritual, that brings to the
surface many layers of emotional, physical and psychological
work… that you will continue to work with in your ceremonies
with her.

This Tobacco Ceremony, which you can learn more about on
this page here, by doing a search for “Purification Ritual”…

Note: To search a page, press ctrl + f (on Windows) or Command + f (on Mac)

Plays such an important role to synergize the energies of the
entire group, and to open you to receive Ayahuasca as deeply
as possible in your energetic, astral and physical systems.

This is something that is so profound, and so powerful,
and something that is unique to how Carmen works.

She is very adamant to ensure that we have this Purification
Ritual for you, and for the group, before doing any medicine

3. Carmen Makes All of Her Own Medicine

This is something that is so rare.

Especially here in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Since Ayahuasca grows in the jungle, many shamans who lead
Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley (which is two plane
rides away from the Amazon), typically buy their medicine
from other shamans who make the medicine in the jungle…

This is how almost everybody does it here in the Sacred Valley.

However, there is such a high standard to how Carmen works…

That not only does she take the extra time to ensure she leads
a Tobacco Purification Ceremony before even sharing Ayahusaca…

But she actually personally goes to the jungle to make her
own medicine, for all the Ceremonies that you will experience
with her.

She has already done this, for your retreat…

And she will do this again and again, to ensure that she has a
personal connection, energetically, spiritually and psychically
with the Ayahuasca she shares with anybody…

This is important to her, because of the prayers, the intentions,
the invocations and all the love that is so important to her to
be able to personally put into the incredibly extensive process
of making Ayahuasca…

This might seem like a small point…

But this creates a power, and an impact in your ceremonies, that
are truly profound beyond words.

Everything Carmen does, and how she works, exponentially creates a
deeper healing experience, than how many other shamans work.

This is why we are so happy to make this shift, and to bring Carmen
to lead your Ayahuasca retreat with us.

4. Extra Day Added To Your Retreat

On top of this, in order to make space for the additional Tobacco
Ceremony, we are extending your retreat from 8 days to 9 days.

You get this additional day, at no extra cost.

You’ve probably already been informed about this, especially since
it’s important regarding your flight.

But if this is new to you, and there is any issue, please let us know.

All we want, is to provide you with the deepest, most profound healing
experience possible.

And this extra day is a very special request from Carmen, for her to
do her best work with you.

5. As a Special Gift to you…

Although we Know this shift in our Shaman is something that will
truly benefit you in so many ways…

Even though we are giving you so much more, in this transition…

I wanted to give you something else, just to say thank you for your
willingness to go with the flow, accept, and trust us in the decision
we have made.

I am in the process of creating a 12 week / 3 month, Post-Retreat
Integration Course.

To help you with your integration, and grounding from your retreat,
back into your every day life… in the most seamless, and impactful
way possible.

Meaning, this course is designed to help you receive the most from
your retreat, and KEEP the incredibly high states of awareness and
connection, that you will undoubtedtly experience with us.

Especially as you go back home to the stresses and busyness of daily life.

To learn more about this click here, and do a search for: “Bonus”

You’re going to get so much from this course, and I’m so excited to
be making it for you!

In fact, I’m creating this for all guests, since being here in Peru
has given me SO much passion and inspiration to keep sharing what
we’re sharing… and take it to the next level… because after seeing
and witnessing first-hand the deepest opening and transformation
that ALL of our guests experience…

I am just SO filled with inspiration to share this with more people
in the world!

I’m so excited for your retreat!

And in case you didn’t already know:

I’ll be here in Peru until January, so I’ll see you in person!

I’ll come join for at least the first and last day of your retreat,
to see the incredible shifts that you are inevitably here to have…

What a beautiful journey!!

I’m so excited for you to come to Peru!!!

And experience the magic beyond words this land has to offer!

So excited to see you soon!!


With SO much love, committed to love, healing & awakening for us all,



PS –

Please take a look at the Ayahuasca Diet Preparation page again,
as we have updated that page for how Carmen asks people to prepare
before sitting with her.

Also, for your reference, here is the “What to Bring & How to Prepare” page.

You’re going to absolutely love this woman!

See you soon!!!