Email 3 -
Legal Access to Psilocybin?

Before I answer the question on legality -

Here is another 
incredible video showing the scientific evidence
behind psilocybin and how it can help you:

This medicine is truly proving to be effective for some of our
world's most common problems:

Depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD...

And above all, connecting us back to Who We Really Are...

Watch this incredible documentary, to learn how psilocybin can help you.

Now on legality:

Some of you are wondering about the legal status of psilocybin,
and how we will be sharing it.

First of all -

We are not selling psilocybin, nor distributing the medicine.

We have found a conscious and reliable source from whom you
can acquire psilocybin from.

They can ship directly to your home, safely and discretely.

The role we play, is in making the introduction and above all -

Providing coaching, education, and 

Most importantly -

The supplier is headquartered in Brazil, where growing, possession
and even 
distribution of Psilocybin mushrooms is considered legal.

Within the United States...

Psilocybin has already been de-criminalized in 3 cities:

Denver, CO
Oakland, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

We believe it is only a matter of time before Psilocybin is legal
throughout the USA.

But some of you may still question -

Is it legal to experience Psilocybin, outside of these cities?

Rather than answering that directly, let me share this quote -

By Graham Hancock, from his (banned) TED Talk:

‘The War on Consciousness’

“I stand here invoking the hard-won right of freedom of speech,
to call for and demand another right to be recognized...
and that is the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness.

There’s a war on consciousness in our society, and if we as
adults are not allowed to make sovereign decisions about
what to experience with our own consciousness...

While doing no harm to others, including the decision to use
responsibly ancient and sacred visionary plants, then we
cannot claim to be free in any way."

So the question is turned back to you -

Is the freedom of your own consciousness truly yours?

Are you here to seek a higher purpose, meaning and connection
with God, The Universe and Creation?

Do you believe that psilocybin can help you connect deeper
with your Self, and what it really means to be alive?

And do you intend to harm anybody while experiencing psilocybin?

(Of course not)

So this question of legality...

Is more so a question about what YOU think is right or wrong.

You have the option to experience Psilocybin in the comforts of
your own home and life...

Without infringing upon anybody else's rights or freedom.

Psilocybin has been controlled for many different reasons...

In a ploy to suppress human consciousness and awakening.

And now, you have this rare opportunity to experience it for yourself.

unlock the gifts of your own Spirit and Consciousness.

To release the chains that have been put onto your mind...

That keep you in a self-imposed prison...

Of fear, doubt, lack of self-belief and not feeling "good enough"...

(I will share more about exactly how to release these, and how
we are here to support, in my emails to come)

Now -

It is TIME to choose FREEDOM...

And the highest expression of what LIFE is meant to BE...

To let go of the shackles that have been put on you since young childhood.

This medicine is banned and controlled, for the very
reason that it can give you back YOUR Power...

Your own sovereignty and RIGHT to be the owner of Your LIFE.

The keys to your own emotional freedom, and saying NO to the
societal programming...

Lay right here, hidden within plain sight, through these
sacred plant teachers...

They WANT us to stay asleep...

Shells of life, on anti-depressants, addicted to the "legal" substances
of alcohol, tobacco, sugar, even porn, and pharmaceuticals...

So that we can be a cog in the system of money, false ideas of
who we are, and global greed...

Now, we are here to simply present you with the CHOICE -

Your own emotional FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY, over anything else.

What do you choose?

Keep an eye out for our emails -

As we share, for those of you who are willing to TAKE BACK
your own LIFE and Power...

How you can be a part of this incredible revolution of
awakening through these sacred plant teachers.

While we guide you, in the greatest way we can.

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here to liberate our people and our planet,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth

PS -

When you 
educate yourself on the true history and shamanic
roots of Psilocybin...

Where it comes from...

How it's been used...

And how it's been revered as a teacher and medicine for 1000s of years...

It really leaves you with a different question...

Not -

Is it illegal?

But, WHY is it illegal...?

If you havn't watched this
video from my last email yet, then
this will be really eye-opening for you.

And make sure you watch the next one, too:

Psilocybin - The Magic of Mushrooms

We'll speak again soon!


A final note...

During World War 2, protecting the Jewish in order to save
them from being gassed and killed...

Was illegal.

Allowing black people to sit in the front of a bus, was illegal
until not even that long ago...

Slavery was legal.

Legality does not imply morality.

The choice is simply yours.

Next email - 

I'll share more about what happens if we don't do something to heal or
clear these heavy emotions that build up within us...

And most of all, how to let them go.

We'll speak again soon!

So much love!!

From the depths of our heart to yours ❤️