Letting Go of Fear – 5 Simple Steps (Profound Insights from My Bufo Ceremony)


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous fear, division and confusion all over the world. Through a beautiful ceremony with the entheogenic earth medicine Bufo, I received a profound 5 step process on letting go of fear which I’ll be teaching you in this article. By following these steps and letting go of fear, you’ll fully step into your power, align with your highest soul’s potential and manifest the most beautiful and inspiring life possible.

What is Fear?

Fear has a legitimate place in our existence. It serves a crucial evolutionary purpose.

Without this built-in defense mechanism, the human species wouldn’t have survived!

Fear evolved with us to allow us to be wary of predators, to stay safe in the dark, and give us a foundation for our intuition to know who to trust and when to keep our guard up.

This is functional fear. But the fear I am talking about are existential fears. These have been conditioned and even robotically programmed into us through society, politics, media, and so forth.

This kind of fear manifests as neurotic thinking which then causes a physiological reaction such as anxiety — which points to its distorted nature.

Obsessive thinking about endless doom scenarios in the future are exaggerated, unnecessary, and disconnected from the truth of the NOW experience.

One of the core intentions of our profoundly transformative 6-day Rebirth Retreats in Mexico is assisting people to release all illusory fears once and for all. If we don’t commit to this crucial inner work, they’ll continue to manipulate us through the subconscious mind and manifest negative negative outcomes in all areas of our lives.

Letting Go Of fear: Bufo Is The Most Profound Medicine

Bufo, like other entheogens and plant medicines from the earth, can help break down the illusions of fear and reality.

They help you expand to experience the true unity of divine consciousness.

This can be very cathartic. You may weep, shake, scream. You may even feel frightened at first. But it is profoundly healing.

It can help you to release energies which enable your needless fears.

The Bufo experience can feel like an exorcism with all the dark energies it helps to purge from your system.

These spirits attach to us and prevent us from expanding to our highest truth.

Bufo is like a warrior on our side who helps us remember what we truly are at the core of beings:


It was during a profound ceremony with Bufo that I was given this insight into letting go of control and fear through self-compassion and understanding.

You can do this on your own or with the support of our community of souls who are all waking up to the possibilities that true freedom can bring. Joy, peace, abundance, community, purpose and so, so much more.

How To Release Fear: The 5 Step Process

1. Understand that all fear is rooted in illusion

This is the context of illusory fears coming through the mind.

And what else is the mind but another illusion that keeps us separated from God?

Understand this: All fear is rooted in separation. And separation itself is the illusion.

Do you see it yet?

Separation has created all this duality — Good and bad, wrong and right, love and fear. They are illusions which keep us from seeing the ultimate truth. That everything is One.

The union consciousness of duality is simply two sides of the same coin.

And here’s the most amazing part. That coin is God.

Instead of running away from fear, come to the recognition that fear is also part of God. And since we are one with God, it’s there to teach us something about ourselves.

Shadows can seem ominous but they are ultimately created by light. Shine a light on your fears and see that at their source, they may not be as big as your own mind is fooling you into believing.

So don’t be afraid of fear. It’s a catalyst for your growth and awakening. Letting go of fear is not conquering it, but allowing it to bring you into greater alignment than ever.

2. How to let go of fears: first, identify them

At this stage, you only need to acknowledge that fear is there and it’s limiting you.

Once you’re able to see your fear for what it truly is, you take your power back.

What is it about this fear that makes you feel unsafe? Perhaps it was rooted in a trauma from your past. Or maybe it is something that was planted in you because of how modern society works.

Examine what you believe and be honest about your beliefs. Remember that it’s only natural to find evidence to support what you personally believe to be true.

Core beliefs are often implanted in us as children. And along with these beliefs are all the fears that come with them. For the rest of our lives, we’ll unconsciously surround ourselves with others who help maintain these beliefs and fears.

But if you consciously make that shift from within, you’ll break yourself from your own bondage created by fear. You will begin to recognize how these attachments have helped feed your fears and belief systems.

Understand that it does not make your life before this realization bad. It just helps you to commit, let your fears go and step towards a more conscious life moving forward.

3. Allow the fear to be there

I warn you, children, take care of your or shadows or your shadows won’t take care of you.
-P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins in the Park (1952)

Fears are normal. They are part of life. Once you understand them and recognize them for what they truly are and what they can help you to be,you have to power to allow them to simply be.

Too often we push away our fears or the shadowy parts of ourselves that we don’t like. Yet this only makes them grow into ghosts which haunt us and deprive us from integrating and aligning with truth.

As cliché as it may be, “what you resist, persists.” And the more you push, the more it will push back.

Why? Because fears and shadows are part of you. Part of God. Part of union consciousness.

What if you can honor your fear? Stand with it and be grateful for it. Fear is part of your evolution that has brought you to this very moment. And it is also very necessary for the next step of your conscious evolution.

Pushing and forcing things away from our life has not and will never work. We need to re-learn how to accept and flow with life.

4. Offer the fear to the Divine

The next step is to humbly and gratefully offer your fear to the Divine. Whatever you’d like to call it, whether it’s God, nature, cosmic spirit, the universe — whatever creative being you connect with. Offer your fear to that higher power as a prayer.

And then release it.

This is how to release fear without judgement, without force, without replacing it with a substitute fear, and without further suffering.

By offering it back to the Divine, we’ve allowed it to integrate, to teach us all we needed to learn from it to grow, and so it has lived out its natural course.

And this can only happen after we’ve authentically met the previous steps in this process of letting go of fear.

5. Resonate with the frequency of Consciousness

Union consciousness is being with nature, with love, with the alignment of yourself with the truth that you are Divinity made flesh.

Fill your life with anything that allows you to live this truth in all its majesty.

Discipline yourself to follow a spiritual practice that keeps you in harmony with this. This may take the form of yoga, regular walks in nature, plant medicine, sound journeys, working out, creating art, singing, or going on spiritual retreats.

With every breath, allow this energy of unity to activate your heart chakra. This is how to truly let your fears go and bring you into the frequency of harmony and divine consciousness.



Fear is natural, yet it becomes detrimental when our illusory minds allow existential fears to blind us from the truth.

We must fill our lives with anything that brings us back into our heart centers. The space where we realign ourselves with everything that reconnects us with the Divine.

In this space we’re back with the flow of nature, where even fear has its place as a catalyst for awakening.

If you would like to join like-minded souls who are committed to finally letting go of fear and live their highest truth, join our community or book one of our Sacred Rebirth retreats in the magical town of Tepotzlan, Morelos, Mexico. We’ll guide you through these profoundly transformational steps plus so much deeper, so you can realign yourself to your highest truth.

With SO much love, so grateful to serving you in your deepest awakening, expanding beyond all fears,

your highest truth