What is Masculine Energy? A Step-by-Step Blueprint To ACTIVATE Your Deepest Masculine POWER



What This Article Is Here To Give You

In this article, you will learn how to master the challenges of women, money, sexuality and purpose. How to cultivate Masculine Energy, and become the greatest version of yourself, possible. One who INSPIRES and LEADS the people around them… And ultimately, create a life of abundance, purpose, and beauty, filled with the gifts of the feminine, that will naturally revolve around you, as you cultivate your Masculine Power…

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This article is written as a blueprint for men (and women) looking to cultivate Masculine Energy. To first understand, exactly what is masculine energy? To give you a clear vision for what is POSSIBLE for you, and WHAT you are here to EVOLVE into…
While I write this guide speaking to Men for simplicity sake, any woman or person who wants to Master Creation, and Life as a whole, can benefit from reading this article below.

The Journey Ahead of You
(This Is Just The First Step)

In this article, we will lay out a very clear blueprint of what is masculine energy, how to cultivate it, and WHY it is so important, at this point of our collective evolution, that you say yes to this path ahead of you.

But this is just the first step of a much greater journey together.

We’re not just here to “teach you” about masculine energy, but to really guide you, through our education, training, and profound retreats in Mexico.

We are a community of conscious leaders, looking to grow and EVOLVE, so we can better SHOW UP for the world, and the transformation that we are here to BRING to this planet.

So, welcome to the start of something so powerful about to emerge in your life…

Congratulations, for being ready, for this NEXT LEVEL of what awaits you…

What is Masculine Energy?
Defining a “True Man” in Today’s World

First, we need to DEFINE what a “True Man” in today’s world is.

We will use the definition of the “Modern Master” as an archetype, or the “highest level” of WHERE we can live from, when we Master and cultivate all the facets of what Masculine Energy is.

An “Archetype” is defined as “a very typical example of a certain person or thing.”

There are FIVE Key Archetypes for how Masculine Energy is depicted in our world and history (which I will share below).
PLUS, one that I think is so important, but MISSING in the overall picture of what “being a man” in today’s world, is truly lacking… (We all need to cultivate this for BALANCE as a True Man… I share this near the end of the article.)

What is the Modern Master?
Your Work Ahead of You

The Modern Master is one who embodies all the highest levels of Masculine Energy, across all the Archetypes that you will learn below.

Meaning, as you read about these Archetypes and Virtues below, the Modern Master is one who embodies ALL of these traits, in a single being.

This is the highest path of what is possible for you. And what we as Men – in our modern world – are here to cultivate within ourselves to SHOW UP as the HIGHEST version possible of All we can Be.

When you embody all these traits below, you are capable of truly ANYTHING. To transform your life, and the world at large…

Together, we are Conscious Leaders acting for True CHANGE for our people and our planet.
This, is your guide…

As You Read This Guide
(Keep This In Mind)

Don’t just read this to satisfy mental curiosity. But read this with the intention to learn, exactly what traits you need to cultivate more of within yourself, to truly OWN and STEP INTO your Masculine Energy and Masculine Power.

And as you learn about each of the Archetypes below, measure yourself against each of these traits. And ask yourself:

What inspires you?

What do you want to cultivate more of?

WHO do you want to BE in the world?

Let our forefathers be our guides, and let us learn from these examples from our history…

Masculine Energy – Archetype #1 The King / The Chief

The King / The ChiefThe first Archetype we will speak about is The King, or the Chief.

Imagine a leader of his Tribe, or of his Kingdom.

This leader, knows where he is going. He leads his people with VISION. He has a PURPOSE and he is moving forward, not caring or thinking about what others think…

He has a DIRECTION that he is moving towards in life.

This is the KEY to the KING.

And that is DIRECTION. There is a very clear path and projection, for where the King is going, and he speaks about it CONFIDENTLY.

He does not doubt himself, or question if it’s right or wrong…

Rather, he feels this deeper impulse to LEAD OTHERS, to this Vision with him.

This Vision, is the foundation from which The King stands… He is rooted, in Who He Is – lives beyond self-doubt – and has the COURAGE to lead others.

Even if he’s “wrong”, he’s not afraid to make mistakes… To learn, grow, fall & get back up…

He has a PERSISTENCE and a DETERMINATION that moves him, despite whatever “obstacles” may fall in his path…

The KING… Is the Leader.

And the Conscious King… Is who WE are here to BE on this planet.

So let me ask you:

– What is YOUR Direction in Life? Do you have a Clear Vision for where you are going, and what is important to you?

– Where can you Develop more SELF-CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION? Or where have you given up too easily, because of self-doubt…?

– Above all, where can you be a stronger LEADER in your Life? First and foremost, for YOU? How will you LEAD YOURSELF to what is Most Important to you?

Ultimately, a Leader is one who first LEADS HIMSELF… To higher possibilities within Himself.

And in that, INSPIRES the people around him, to also STEP UP and STAND UP for something BIGGER than just ourselves…

Are you ready to cultivate this within you? Let’s start, here.

Masculine Energy – Archetype #2
The Warrior

The WarriorNow, imagine a Warrior…

In our tribal days, the one who would leave into the unknown of Nature, to go and hunt for food, to bring back to his people…

He, too, acts in SERVICE…

He is there as a Protector and Provider, in the most basic sense.

For those he LOVES and CARES ABOUT, he acts. He always acts for something bigger and greater than him.

He is FEARLESS. He does not cower at the unknown, or shrink in the face resistance…

In fact, he THRIVES on resistance. There is no “can’t”. There is simply the CLARITY in his PURPOSE to PROVIDE and TAKE CARE of those he Loves…

And he takes ACTION, without hesitation.

This DIRECTION, is the fundamental Key of Masculine Energy on the level of Character.

Found in both The King, and The Warrior, they share this common thread…

That they KNOW where they are going and they DO IT.

No Fear. No limits. No can’t.

No matter “how long it takes” or “how hard it is” the Warrior NEVER gives up… And will do ANYTHING to Provide for his family.

This Providing, in today’s modern sense, is more about the EMOTIONAL STRENGTH we can give those around us.

If we are floppy, weak, can’t hold presense… can’t hold people when they share their emotions… if we get triggered, take things personal, or get into “arguments” with people…

We are weak. We are not giving the true STRENGTH that those around us need.

The Warrior is, at it’s core, a PILLAR of STRENGTH in his Family.

He is RELIABLE. And can be TRUSTED. He is TRUE TO HIS WORD… And does NOT let people down…


Is your calling to EMBODY the WARRIOR energy within you.

That STEPS UP and STANDS UP when a CHALLENGE is presented…


This is the Path of the Warrior, and this Archetype awakening within you…

So, where can you STEP UP and embrace CHALLENGE more in your life?

Where can you show up in greater SERVICE for the people around you?

Where can you be more RELIABLE in your word, and give more STRENGTH to those around you?

This, is what I’m here to help you cultivate…

Masculine Energy – Archetype #3
The Shaman / The Sorcerer

The Shaman / The SorcererNext, we have the Shaman, or the Sorcerer…

What is the Sorcerer? He is One who is connected to the Source.

This is where the highest levels of Magic come from…

What is Magic?

Magic. Magi. Image.

Magic is the ability to IMAGINE and SEE what we want to CREATE…

First, from within… The Shaman, is one who SEES that which others can’t…

He is connected to something Greater. The Divine Source. The Sacred Impulse. The Absolute of Creation.

He, through this Sacred Connection, is able to receive GUIDANCE and VISIONS from something Higher than Him.

Through this, he is able to bring this to his people… To provide a higher level of Wisdom and Direction, that governs the higher planes of reality…

He is not here to lead on the physical, grounded level; but he is here to LEAD on the SPIRITUAL level…

He gives insights, clarity, and guidance, around obstacles, problems or challenges before they come.

He is able to PERCEIVE and FEEL the more Subtle Energies… and through this, be able to SEE what happens, before it does.

This is the MAGIC of the ability to SEE.

And why we as Modern Masters must cultivate this ability to VISION.

What is YOUR Vision?

What do YOU see… for Your Life, and those around you?

What can you IMAGINE, as a better solution for how we can all live on this planet?

This perception, to something higher…

This connection, to something more subtle, and quiet…

And this ability to SEE and FEEL the INVISIBLE… Is the Gifts of the Shaman.

He is connected to the Spirits all around. And from there, grounds higher levels of wisdom, for the people around him.

Recognize, no matter what archetype we speak about… SERVICE for their PEOPLE is the common thread.

So the deepest source of Masculine Energy is the SERVICE we must act from, for those around us.

For ourselves, our people and our planet.
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Acting in SERVICE is a Major KEY to RECLAIMING your Deepest Masculine Power.

And the Shaman, teaches us… to listen to the subtle, and connect with something Greater… that deeply Guides us in all moments.

How can you more deeply listen to the voice of Spirit? To your intuition?

How connected are YOU, to the subtle Guidance that is really moving you, and all of us?

And how can YOU cultivate this deeper connection WITHIN, where all answers truly lay…?

Here, let us help.

This is what we’re here for.

To show you how you can cultivate ALL of this. If you’re ready...

Masculine Energy – Archetype #4
The Grandfather / The Elder

The Grandfather / The ElderNext, we have the Grandfather. The Elder.

He is the One who sits behind the scenes, and comes in, only when necessary.

He has a Wisdom that comes from living life… and seeing the biggest rule of all: PATIENCE.

Everything happens in time. And the Elder knows, there is no need to rush anything…

He has moved beyond the stages of pushing, forcing, or rushing, to get “what he wants” from life…

And he has learned to LET LIFE UNFOLD in front of him…

He’s realized that he can not make what “he wants” happen, unless it is part of the Bigger Picture or the Divine Plan.

He recognizes, that everything is lead by a Silent Hand of God, that pulls the strings of the marionette, in all reality.

He has moved beyond the younger traits of “Ambition”… Which we ALL get to, as we Wake Up, and recognize that we are NOT in control of this life…

The Elder simply OFFERS HIMSELF to Spirit, and enjoys the journey.

He is no longer trying to “make ANYTHING happen”… Rather, he FLOWS WITH LIFE. He TRUSTS life, and he KNOWS wherever he is being lead, is for the best of himself, and his people.

He accepts life, no matter what is unfolding in front of him. He has an unconditional “yes” to the present moment, and simply breathes deeply through it all.

He recognizes that PAIN can not be avoided, and embraces both the ups and downs of life, unconditionally.

He teaches us to see where we can ACCEPT LIFE more fully…

As he knows “it will always be okay”. This fundamental stance, allows him to give CONFIDENCE to the people around him.

He is Humble. Quiet. Simple. He Speaks only when it is necessary…

Ultimately, The Elder knows the importance of SURRENDER to ALLOW LIFE to Guide You…

So, where can you LET GO, and ALLOW LIFE to show you the next steps?

Where can you PUSH or FORCE LESS, and STOP CHASING this idea of “success”?

Where can you TRUST LIFE more fully, and RELAX into knowing “it will always be okay”…?

This, is a fundamental trait we must ALL cultivate… to FLOW WITH LIFE, and LET OURSELVES BE LEAD…

If we don’t, and we “create from ego”, no matter how far we get, we will get “pulled back” in life, only to be reset, and start again at Zero…

Until we learn and realize that our life is NOT ours… And we MUST learn to OFFER our Lives to be CHANNELS for something Greater, and more IMPORTANT on this Planet…

THIS, is what we ALL come back to, as we Wake Up to this Eternal Wisdom of The Elder, within…

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Masculine Energy – Archetype #5
The Lover / The Romantic

The Lover / The RomanticNext, we have The Lover…

Imagine, a Man who is not afraid of his sexuality or his desires…

He, without reserve, is willing to show the Feminine, his adoration. His appreciation. His desire…

He DOES NOT HIDE his deeper motive, or his Desire…

He is NOT ASHAMED of his Sexuality. He TAKES CARE of the Feminine. And he lives to make women’s lives more beautiful…

There is a deep CHERISHING of the Feminine… A Reverence, an Adoration, and a Servitude… where he bows again and again to the Beauty of the Feminine and All Life.

He lives from this deepest place of MAKING LOVE with life, in all moments. And CHERISHES the GIFT of BEING ALIVE…

To experience SEXUALITY, human touch, and the senses in a physical body… The Lover is in AWE with LIFE and the FEMININE.

And above all, he is NOT afraid to show it… He ALLOWS his Desires, and does not suppress or bury them…

He speaks his mind. The Lover shares His Truth, without apology, and is not afraid to be WHO HE IS.

Sexual. Passionate. Unapolagetic.


And follows the SACRED IMPULSE of DESIRE that moves through him…

He Knows, All is Sacred. All that is felt or wanted, is from the Divine Source. And to Experience this All, is the GIFT of Being Alive…

Where are YOU afraid to show your sexuality?

Where do you still feel shame or guilt around your sexual desires?

Where do you stop yourself from being true to YOU, because of what others will think?

The Lover lives SHAMELESSLY, True to His Self, no matter what that means…

He BREATHES DEEP. He holds eye-contact. He does not look away, when looking a woman in the eye. He is CONFIDENT and GROUNDED.

He Is, who we all want to be…

The only thing is, Social programming has stopped us from allowing our deeper sexual urges to be felt or acted upon…

This creates a very BLOCKED and STUCK Sexual Energy, that we as the Collective Masculine, are here to rebalance and heal.

This is but another step of the Greater Journey, that I see I am here to walk you through

Archetype #6 (Important Addition)
The Inner Child

 The Inner ChildWhile this isn’t a direct “Masculine Energy example”, I feel it is necessary to include in this Blueprint to Being a Modern Master.

Because if we are all Masculine Energy, and not BALANCED…

Then, simply stated, we will hurt the people around us. Our Drive, Direction and Vision, will be TOO MUCH the focus, and we’ll lose sight of other areas of our Life.

This is why, we must also include The Inner Child in this list.

Because a True Man in today’s world, is able to EMBODY and CULTIVATE all the Traits and Virtues of the 5 Masculine Energy Archetypes

AND remember the energy of the Inner Child.

To PLAY. To have FUN. To NOT take things too seriously…

To remember that the point of life is to ENJOY.

And no matter how clear our Vision, or how strong our Direction is in Life…

To remember to STOP and ENJOY THE RIDE.

The Inner Child knows how to cry, he lets himself crumble in the arms of his Mother, if he so needs to…

If you can allow yourself to cry in the arms of someone you love, you have tapped into the blessing of the Inner Child.

We have grown up so hardened to our emotions, told “not to cry” countless times, and we have grown DISCONNECTED with how we FEEL…

The Inner Child teaches us it’s OKAY to FEEL. It’s OKAY to CRY. To be ANGRY. To SCREAM or SHOUT…

To ALLOW all that you FEEL, no matter what it is…

Is the Teaching of the Inner Child.

He invites us to come inside, and meet the Little Boy that lives in your heart; You, as a child.

To give him the love and care that he never got, is your work as a Conscious Man, awakening to your Highest Masculine Power.

We must HEAL our relationship with our Inner Child, in order to AWAKEN these traits within ourselves.

So we can come back to the PLAY, the LIGHTNESS, the FUN & JOY of being ALIVE…

This lays, dormant within you. And as you heal your own Inner Child, these capacities will then be unlocked and unraveled within you.

So, let me ask you:

Where do you feel to RIGID with life?

Where have you forgotten to ENJOY, have FUN, and to PLAY in Life?

When is the last time you let yourself cry? Or truly be HELD by someone?

These facets of life, must be unlocked, if we truly want to live the entire SPECTRUM of what life can BE.

From the Strength and Direction…

The Purpose and Clarity…

The Vision and Patience…

To Being Unapologetic for Who You Are, and What You WANT In Life…

The Inner Child reminds us to also PLAY, and NOT take anything too seriously…

When We Cultivate These All,
THIS Is The Modern Master

This, is where we are all going. As Ascending Beings on this Planet, we outline the map, for where we have come from, and where we will return to.

YOU, have a choice.

To evolve, and remember the wisdom of the ancients, and follow in their footsteps…

To BE a LEADER of Consciousness and LOVE on this Planet…

Or to simply settle for mediocrity.

To do what everybody else is doing, and live a sub-par life that you’re not actually happy with.

We are here to STEP UP and EVOLVE.


And if you’re reading these words, it’s because there is a part of you that is finally ready to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT in your Life.

It starts here.

What Are You Taking From This?
What’s Next?

In our 4-Part Video Series To Cultivate Masculine Energy, the first video I create, speaks about the biggest problem that we as Modern men struggle with

And that is the LACK of a true ROLE MODEL or “Father Figure” in our lives.

Not just a “Dad” but the True Father Figure, that LEADS and GUIDES the generation ahead of him.

This is what I am here to give you.

True Clarity. Direction. And Purpose. As you Discover Who You Really Are in the World, and WHY You are Here…

Let me be your Guide.

And I will unravel the mysteries of this human adventure, and what it means to “Be a True Man” in today’s world.

To Master The Challenges of Women, Money, Sexuality and Purpose, we have a greater journey ahead of us…

It starts here

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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