Ayahuasca Diet (Dieta) – Important Foods to Avoid (And Why)

pre ayahuasca dietA crucial aspect of preparing for an Ayahuasca ceremony is following the pre Ayahuasca diet also known as the ‘Ayahuasca dieta’.  In this article we’ll provide you with a precise Ayahuasca diet list, so you know exactly what to eat and what to avoid. 

Certain foods can be overly stimulating or aggravating to the system, such as spicy peppers, and thereby block the medicine.

When these are avoided, your body will be in the best energetic state for the most beautiful and transformative Ayahuasca experience.

The Pre-Ayahuasca Diet

We’ve strayed far off from the simple diet and strong connection to the Earth, which our ancestors once had. Most people buy all their food from the supermarket without knowing where it’s coming from. Packaged foods often contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals, which are not in alignment with the Ayahuasca diet and should be avoided for a certain time period.

True optimum health on all levels is very difficult to accomplish nowadays.

This is not just because of our nutrient deficient soils and unhealthy diets in the West, but also due to our often busy and stressful lifestyles which affect us in negative ways. Physically and energetically our bodies become clogged which prevent the plant medicines from working to their fullest potential.

It’s therefore crucial to follow along with a pre Ayahuasca diet list, to prepare and cleanse yourself on all levels. This way you’ll be fully prepared, open and receptive to all of the blessings, healing and teachings that Mother Ayahuasca can gift you with.

Following the guidelines of the Ayahuasca preparation diet also shows commitment and truly honors the plant spirits. The more sacrifices we’re willing to make, the greater the blessings!

Different retreat centers and facilitators have different guidelines as to what you can eat before Ayahuasca. For our Ayahuasca Retreats in the Sacred Valley of Peru, we recommend our guests to adhere to the following guidelines:

What to Avoid Before an Ayahuasca Ceremony

4 weeks before drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid all hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth and crack

2 weeks before drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid all recreational drugs such as cannabis and alcohol

– Avoid pork

1 week before drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid red meat

– Avoid fast food, fried food and processed foods

48 hours before drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid sexual contact

– Avoid overripe fruits

– Avoid excessive amounts of table salt

– Avoid spicy foods

– Avoid excessive oil

– Avoid dairy 

– Avoids processed sweets and refined sugars

– Avoid all foods which contain MAOI inhibitors. These include all fermented foods such anchovies, herring, tofu, miso or fermented soy products, tamari or soy sauce, sauerkraut, pickled foods, protein extracts, meat products that are smoked or processed. Although yeast in baked goods is fine, it’s recommended to avoid brewer’s yeast.

ayahuasca diet listCutting out anything you feel is not truly serving your highest state of well-being, would be very much worth it for your Ayahuasca dieta.

These are the minimum guidelines – once again the more sacrifices you’re willing to make, the greater the rewards. The plant spirits are highly conscious and intelligent and can feel your sincerity.

When it comes to sexual contact, especially for men it’s recommended to avoid having an orgasm for 7 days prior to drinking Ayahuasca.

In various esoteric spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Tantra, a man’s semen is considered his vital creative life force energy. Preserving this energy will provide more vitality and energy which is very beneficial during plant medicine work.

Your mind will be calmer and you’ll be more connected to the present moment. You’ll have more energy and it’s easier to relax and surrender, which means Mother Ayahuasca and the other medicine plants can work deeper and more profoundly.

The less obstructions, the more profound and beautiful your experience.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you read our Medical Guidelines for all health issues, supplements and medications that are contraindicated with Ayahuasca. Choosing not to follow these guidelines could cause serious harm. Always consult your doctor first if you intend on weening off any of your medications.

Ayahuasca Dieta List – What You CAN Eat

There’s plenty of information online of what you can’t eat before Ayahuasca. Some people find it confusing and want to know specifically what they can eat. For this reason, we’ve written the following Ayahuasca Diet List containing foods that are always fine to eat beforehand:

– Cooked or fresh vegetables

– All fruits, if not overripe

– Beans, peas, legumes

– All sorts of potatoes

– Rice, quinoa, lentils, buckwheat, barley, other cereals

– Free range chicken or poultry, organic if possible

– Free range eggs, organic if possible

– Fish, preferably sustainable and wild caught

– Pasta and rice noodles (preferably without preservatives)

– Bread

– Coconut oil or olive oil, in moderation

– Nuts (peanuts in moderation)

– Seeds such as chia, flaxseed, pumpkin

– Bread

– Honey, in moderation

– Fresh herbs such as turmeric, basil, oregano, parsley, cumin, cinnamon and so forth

Recommended to drink

– Water

– Fresh fruit or vegetable juice 

– Caffeine free herbal teas (chamomile, anise, mint and so forth)

– Dairy free milks (almond, soy, coconut, and so forth)

The depth of transformation you’ll experience through an Ayahuasca retreat, is only the beginning of a lifelong journey whereby new perceptions, inspiration and clarity will continue to flow through. The plant medicines will continue to work their magic beyond these 9 days, provided you allow them the space to do so. 

Guidelines after your Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru

pre ayahuasca diet list

Please remain mindful of your energy after your Ayahuasca retreat and continue to honor and nourish yourself with healthy foods and high vibrations. This is an excellent time to continuously journal daily, engage in a spiritual practice and to spend lots of time in nature.  

To receive the most benefits, we recommend adhering to the following guidelines after your retreat:

7 days after drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid sexual contact

– Avoid alcohol

– Avoid fast food and processed foods

– Avoid processed sugars

– Avoid red meat

– Avoid spicy foods

14 days after drinking Ayahuasca

– Avoid pork


Please make sure you read our
Ayahuasca Preparation page as well, ensuring you’re prepared on all aspects beyond.

Knowing what to eat before Ayahuasca and following along with the Ayahuasca Diet List is truly for your highest benefit. This will prepare you on all levels so the plants can assist you with the deepest healing and transformation possible.

If you feel ready and committed to make these sacrifices to receive the infinite blessings of Mother Ayahuasca, feel free to learn more about our team, our approach and our life-changing 9-Day Ayahuasca retreats, here. 

With SO much love, committed to love, healing & awakening for us all,