Email 1 -
Psilocybin Microdosing
Coming Soon!

Guess what!

For months, I've been working to find a reliable supplier for
psilocybin microdosing for you.

On Dec 31, 2019, to welcome the New Decade -

I had an incredibly beautiful and powerful ceremony
with psilocybin...

And I was shown so clearly -

I need to find a way to support those of you who can't
come to Peru to experience Ayahuasca.

So I've been putting so much energy into finding a reliable,
and most importantly -

CONSCIOUS supplier of Psilocybin for you.

And I'm happy to finally announce!

I've found a company who I truly feel I can align myself with,
to share Psilocybin microdosing with you!

But here's the thing -

Psilocybin is such a powerful medicine (even if you're "just"

It can bring up deep layers of buried emotion, that we NEED to feel...

If we truly want to get out of the darkness of our pain & grief...

And because of this -

It wouldn't feel aligned for me to just give you access to psilocybin
without any type of support system.

What I mean is...

If I'm going to share this medicine with you -

I would only do so if you can commit to going through a coaching /
education program with us.

So this is what I've been working on for you!

Over the coming days and weeks...

I will share more about Psilocybin, so you could really understand
what this medicine can do for you...

Honestly, it is just as powerful as Ayahuasca.

As Ayahuasca is to Peru... Psilocybin is to Mexico.

It's been an ancient tool for shamanic healing by the indigenous of
Oaxaca, Mexico for 1000s of years.

And whether we use Ayahuasca or Psilocybin...

They are both here to bring us back to Who We Really Are...

And release the deep pains from our childhood and past...

There are so many emotions that we have buried within ourselves...

That keep us depressed, uninspired, and just WEIGHED down...

(I'm going to share more about how to get out of this in my
next email)

As I am here to support you in releasing all of that!

So you can finally get out of the darkness, struggle and pain from
all the emotion that you carry!

Stay tuned!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, SO excited for what's unfolding,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth

PS -

The questions I asked in the
inspirational short film I just shared -

I will answer in my emails to come.

What is the secret to true freedom?

Financially, and above all, emotionally?

Keep an eye out for my next email!


Here is an incredible article on the 
benefits of Psilocybin
for those of you who want to learn more now!

The Life Changing Magic of Mushrooms

I'll be in touch!


So much love!!

From the depths of our heart to yours ❤️