Sacred Rebirth Shamanic Retreats, Mexico, FAQs

Sacred Rebirth Shamanic Retreats, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the housing arrangement like?

There are several retreat centers that we rent, which can differ per retreat. You’ll most likely sleep in a dormitory style room, men and women separate.

What are the COVID requirements for entering Mexico? Do we need to quarantine? Do we need a COVID test?

Mexico has been one of the least restrictive countries during the pandemic. Fortunately there are no hassles when entering the country: neither a COVID test or mandatory quarantine are required!

What are the COVID requirements for returning back to my country?

Above all, we are here to support you in making your return back to your country as smooth as possible. We will research what you need, and do our best to ensure you have all requirements met, before you leave our retreat.

For Canada:
– PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test, required within 72 hours of your flight departure time
– If you are departing on the last day of the retreat (or the following day), you can get this test with us. We will either bring in a medical professional to test you, or if-necessary, we will coordinate a visit to a medical office nearby.
– 14 day quarantine required upon re-entry into Canada

PCR Test Note: Results for the PCR Test take 1-2 days to receive. We will coordinate the timing, to ensure you are tested within the 72 hour timeframe. Ultimately, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you have what you need to smoothly leave and re-enteryour country. so you don’t have to think about or plan what you need, we will take care of it all for you.

Canada’s Official COVID Requirements

– PCR or antigen test (aka “rapid test”), required within 72 hours of your flight departure time
– No quarantine required upon re-entry into the USA

Antigen Test Notes:
– This test is also known as the “rapid test”, which provides same day results, and cost less.

USA’s Official COVID Requirements

Other Countries:
– If you will be returning to a different country other than Canada or the USA, we will research for you what you need, and communicate with you to ensure you meet all the requirements to easily re-enter your country. In your application, simply enter which country you will be returning to, after the retreat.

Is there a fee for the COVID test? How do I pay for it?

For the Antigen Test: $50 USD / 1000 MXN
For the PCR test: $125 USD / 2500 MXN

Please bring this money with you in cash to be able to pay for the test. These costs are not included in the retreat price.

What is the price for the retreat? What is included?

The price for the retreat is $2400 and includes the following:

– Pick up at the airport and transport to the retreat center.

Drop off at the airport, in Mexico City or Amatlan on the last day of the retreat.

– All of the ceremonies during the retreat are included: Kambo, Bufo, Psilocybin/Cacao, Temazcal and the Drum Ceremony.

– All food is included. We’ll be serving a very healthy and nutrious vegetarian diet catered to the medicines we’ll be working with, with meat on occasion for those who feel they need it.

All of the facilitators are here to support and lovingly guide you through this process. They’re here for you any time to support you one on one, free of additional charge. The following is not included:

– Flights

– COVID tests before/after the retreat

– Optional massage, outside of the itinerary. Adding this would be $50.

What do I need to bring?

Please make sure you bring the following items:

– Comfortable clothes for both warmer and colder weather.

Especially during ceremonies, we recommend loose clothing.

– Hat for the sun

– Flashlight

– Journal

– Water bottle

– Crystals/sacred objects

– Toiletries, natural soap

– Yoga mat

– Towel

– Mexican Pesos exchanged at the Mexico City Airport

– Creative materials, optional

Also, please bring something of emotional or spiritual significance which you are willing to let go of, as an offering to the land. This is such a powerful and beautiful way of starting the retreat, from a place of deep gratitude for the spirits and ancestors of the land. For this profoundly transformative experience that’s awaiting you, and all the blessings that are yet to come.

How do I prepare myself beforehand?

To gain the most benefit out of all medicines and these sacred 7 days together, it’s important you adequately prepare yourself in mind, body and spirit. Please take your time to carefully read through the following page, which explains all you need to know.

Can I bring my child(ren) to the retreat?

Yes! There will be someone taking care of the children who is hand-selected by us and who we trust completely. Someone who is very conscious, patient and heart-centered, who communicates in a very kind and loving manner and has lots of experience with children.

Where and at what time are we picked up before the retreat?

Option 1: At the Mexico City airport
– At 1pm on Day 1 of the retreat, we will coordinate a pickup at the Mexico City International Airport (MEX). Upon registration, we will tell you exactly what gate to meet at, and give you all necessary information to ensure you are on this transport with us.

Note: Please coordinate your flight to arrive in Mexico City, by 12pm local time or earlier.

Note: To get to your hotel, we recommend you use the Uber mobile app, and ensure you have international data on your phone.


What are the available dates for the retreats?

We have the following retreat dates available:

– Thursday, May 12th – Wednesday, 18th, 2022 (May 16th, Full Moon)

– Monday, December 12th– Sunday, 18th, 2022


How many people will be attending each retreat?

This will depend entirely on the interest, but the maximum number of guests per retreat is 18.

If any additional questions come up, please reach out to us at!

With SO much love, dedicated to healing and transformation for all,