Sacred Rebirth Shamanic Retreat Preparation

Sacred Rebirth Shamanic
Retreat Preparation


Blessings! Thank you so much for registering for the Sacred Rebirth Shamanic Retreat in the magical town of Amatlán de Quetzalcóatl, Morelos, Mexico. We’re so excited to meet you in person and to support, guide, inspire and serve you during these profoundly transformative 7 days together.

During this retreat, we’ll be working with various powerful medicines to initiate a deep transformation and rebirth on all levels. It’s important you’re adequately prepared in mind, body and spirit in order to have the most beautiful experience possible, as well as for safety reasons.

When taken in a sacred and ceremonial context under the supervision of highly experienced facilitators/shamans, Kambo, Bufo and Psilocybin Mushrooms are profoundly transformative beyond words. They’ve been used for thousands of years by various indigenous tribes and shamanic traditions for deep healing and spiritual transformation. However, they must be approached from a place of deep reverence and the correct preparation, with nothing but the highest intentions for a positive and deep inner transformation.

On this page, we’ll share everything you need to know to have the most profound and beautiful experience possible. Please make sure you carefully read it until the very end!

The First Step: Gaining Clarity and Setting Intentions

When it comes to correctly preparing yourself for any medicine retreat, there’s so much more that comes to play than just the physical aspect/dietary preparations. It’s important to remain completely open, receptive and trusting that whatever you’re meant to receive, is exactly what you’ll experience and shift during the retreat.

At the same time, it’s really valuable to reflect, journal and meditate beforehand on the things you’d like to release or transform within yourself. Setting clear intentions on the changes you’re calling in, will assist in consecrating your vision and consciousness upon this new reality. It’ll help steer the medicines in a clear and positive manner, breaking through any barrier that’s currently in the way.

If you could change or shift anything in your life – internally or externally – what would that be?

What kind of reoccurring obstacles have you been struggling to break through?

What’s holding you back from living according to your Highest Truth – your deepest soul’s expression?

How is this affecting you and your loved ones?

What would the actual consequences be continuing on like this? How would your life look like in 5 years, if you’d still be dealing with the same major obstacles? And how could life look like after you’ve broken through, after making these profound shifts and changes?

Only by healing ourselves, can we truly heal and transform the world. The external world with all its chaos, division and immense collective suffering, is very much a reflection of our internal chaotic psyche and unhealed traumas. Any deep and positive changes we make internally will beautifully ripple through in ALL areas of our lives and in the world at large. The deep work you’re committing to by attending this retreat truly deserves a lot of respect and will have such a profound impact not only on yourself but also your loved ones, family members, community and truly all of mankind.

We deeply bow and honor you for taking these steps and are SO excited to be serving you in this deeply transformative journey of a lifetime!

So to start, please take the time to consciously journal, meditate and reflect on any area of your life (internal and/or external) in which you feel stagnant or blocked. Writing is such a beautiful way to access deeper layers of our subconscious mind and to connect with a deeper Truth within. Write down 1-3 of your primary intentions and then…

Let go of them completely. Trust and surrender! All is in Divine perfection and will unfold perfectly as it’s meant to.

In order for the medicines to work as smoothly as possible, there are several dietary guidelines we recommend following. Please continue reading and make sure you adequately prepare your mind and body by committing to your highest state of health and well-being on all levels.


Dietary Guidelines & Medical Safety


There are slightly different yet many overlapping contraindications and preparatory recommendations for participating in a Kambo, Bufo or Psilocybin Mushroom ceremony.

During your application, we’ve asked for detailed descriptions of any mental, physical or emotional health issue, past and present. Since you’ve been approved, this means participating in all ceremonies is perfectly safe for you. In order to gain the most out of your experience, please commit to truly nourishing and honoring your body for the Divine temple that it is, housing your consciousness and soul.

The less physical and energetic toxins are present within the system (from alcohol, drugs, fast food and negative media programming for example), the smoother and deeper the medicines are able to work.

For the most beautiful and transformative experience possible, please commit to the following guidelines:

4 weeks before the retreat:
– Avoid all hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth and crack

2 weeks before the retreat
– Avoid pork
– Avoid alcohol

1 week before the retreat
– Avoid cannabis use
– Avoid red meat
– Avoid fast food, fried food and processed foods
– Avoids processed sweets and refined sugars as much as possible

72 hours before the retreat
– Avoid sexual contact
– Avoid spicy foods
– Avoid excessive oil
– Avoid dairy

Fresh, clean and natural foods are the best! As long as possible before the retreat, we recommend implementing more fruits, vegetables, healthy grains and legumes into your diet. If you eat meat, we recommend choosing organic, free-range poultry instead of red meat. As well as to choose wild-caught fish instead of farm raised. We highly recommend avoiding negative energy (fearful programming through the media, as example) as much as possible and to spend much more time in Nature. This will all help you to sink deeper into your heart and into the present moment, calming the neurotic mind that is often the greatest obstacle to our deepest transformation.


Mental and Spiritual Preparation


It’s an important aspect of many different spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, to remain focused on the breath. Especially when it comes to Kambo and Psilocybin Mushrooms Ceremonies for example, it’s absolutely crucial. The more we’re able to rest, relax, trust and surrender, the smoother the ceremonies will be.

By far the best way to achieve this, is to remain conscious of the breath. This will root us in the heart and in the present moment. The more we resist, fight or try to push a difficult experience away, the stronger it’ll become. What we resist, persists.

While preparing for the retreat, it’s incredibly valuable to engage in a daily spiritual practice several weeks beforehand. Some feel called towards Yoga while others feel more drawn towards a sitting meditation practice. Whatever resonates the most and helps you feel more present and at peace, will work. This can also mean spending time in nature or engaging in creative expression such as writing, dancing or painting.

In their own unique ways, all spiritual practices ultimately revolve around bringing us deeper into the present moment. If you don’t already engage in a daily spiritual practice, this would be an amazing opportunity to start! The benefits are truly endless.

What to Bring


As shared in the FAQ, we recommend you to bring the following:

– Comfortable clothes for both warmer and colder weather. It can be nice, warm and sunny during the day, but also cool off significantly in the evening. Please make sure you pack for both. During ceremonies, we recommend loose clothing.
– Hat for the sun
– Flashlight
– Journal
– Water bottle
– Crystals/sacred objects
– Toiletries, natural soap
– Yoga mat
– Towel
– Mexican Pesos (you can exchange USD at the Mexico City Airport, for a good rate)
– Creative materials, optional

Also, please bring something of emotional or spiritual significance which you are willing to let go of, as an offering to the land. This is such a powerful and beautiful way of starting the retreat, from a place of deep gratitude for the spirits and ancestors of the land. For this profoundly transformative experience that’s awaiting you, and all the blessings that are yet to come.

If you prefer to arrive a day early in Mexico City, here are two comfortable and affordable hotels we recommend that are close to the airport:

Hotel MX Aeropuerto

City Express



In short, the best possible preparation involves:

– setting clear intentions
– releasing expectations
– maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding fast food and processed foods
– engaging in a daily spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga
– avoiding negative energy as much as possible
– spending more time in nature
– remaining close to your heart and truth

The longer you can consistently commit to your highest state of physical, mental and emotional well being before the retreat, the better you’ll be prepared.

Thank you so much for joining us! We’re so incredibly excited, blessed and honored to be meeting you soon for what promises to be an profoundly beautiful experience beyond words.

With SO much love, dedicated to healing and transformation for all,