9 Day San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru – Dates & Pricing


The Sacred Valley, Peru



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9 Day San Pedro Ayahuasca
Retreat in Peru

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February 15 – February 24, 2020
March 6 – March 14, 2020
May 25 – June 2, 2020
 June 27 – July 5, 2020
October 9 – October 17, 2020
 November 13 – November 21, 2020

March 27 – April 4, 2020
May 8 – May 16, 2020
August 6 – August 14, 2020
September 11 – September 19, 2020

November 13 – November 21, 2020
December 11 – December 19, 2020

I now know my path

I can’t begin to describe this amazing healing journey.. taken place in a real life Garden of Eden. Things I never thought possible have come true, and beyond. I understand now what the Native Americans saw and connected with. How sad that for most people, this has been lost! So much to say, I can’t find the words... We really are victims of our own story. I now know my path, something I have always struggled with, it’s so clear now. Thanks for your magnetism and love.

~ Diana L


$1800 USD (Payment options available)



– 9 Day San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru

– 4 Week Pre-retreat Preparation Course

– 12 Week Post-retreat Integration Support

(Airfare is not included)

What’s Included

9 Day San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru


– 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Female Shamans / Facilitators

– 1 San Pedro Ceremony with Two Native Andean Shamans

– 1 Tobacco Ceremony; Amazonian Purification Ritual

– Healing with Sananga (Shamanic Healing Eyedrops) and Rapé (Amazonian Tribal Snuff)

– Daily Yoga, Guided Meditation and Post-Ceremony Integration Sessions

– Emotional Release Workshops and Sound Healing Session

– Guided Hike and Ceremonial Offering on Local Mountain

– Visit to Local Kindergarten; a heart-opting cultural experience

– All Vegetarian Meals and Accommodation for 9 Days

– Pickup and Dropoff to/from Cusco, Peru

– Unlimited personal support, as needed

– Optional 2 Day Machu Picchu Retreat-Extension

– And much more that words can never express…

Beyond amazing. It totally exceeded my expectations.

The activities, support, schedule, love, nugs and guidance were absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The instructors and shamans/ medicine men and women were impeccable in every way. This retreat stands at from all the other retreats.

There was so much preparation and attention to details put into this retreat. I am forever changed and beyond appreciative that Ayahuasca Healings fanned me. If you feel the call follow your heart it will not steer you wrong.

~ Danielle Franco

4 Week Pre-retreat Preparation Course

We share this with you prior to your retreat, to teach you…

– How to cleanse and purify your body, to allow the medicine to work as deeply within you as possible

– How to prepare your mind for the profound realizations and openings you’ll get from your Ayahuasca retreat

– How to clear mental and energetic clutter, that will bring more presence and help you receive all that you wish and want from this retreat

– A specific practice to help you deal with any anxiety or fear about this upcoming retreat

– Exactly what foods to eliminate, and for how long, in order to prepare your body to get the most out of this experience

– How to let go of anxiety and stress in your life when things don’t go “your way”

Everything that I had hoped for

My 8 day Ayahuasca retreat was worth every penny.

I gained valuable insights into life, into myself, into others around me. More valuable than if I spent any amount of money on anything else.

Ayahuasca is the fastest way to gain these insights. Over a year later and I am still feeling the effects of Her within me.

The retreat center itself was everything I had hoped to find.The support during ceremony and throughout the entire retreat was beyond anything I could have asked for.

I made some lifelong friends with the other guests there. It felt good to be around that many like-minded people that are on the same path of betterment and growth. All because this retreat brought us all together. It was meant to be.

I am beyond grateful for this experience that was made possible by those who put this retreat together. I want to come back here again. I WILL come back here again. You will be 100% happy with your choice if you choose this retreat.

~ Jace A

12 Week Post-retreat Integration Course

We share this with you over 12 weeks, immediately after your 9 Day San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat with us, to teach you…

– How to integrate back into your “daily life” after such a profound shift in your core understanding of the world, and what is “real”

– How to deal with other people’s expectations of you

– How to create a permanent shift in your life, that doesn’t just fade away after your retreat, but leads to TRUE life-long transformation

– How to deal with the old habits that kept you down in life, when they inevitably arise when you return back home

– How to understand and overcome your personal negative tendencies, that have impacted your life so negatively in the past

– How to deal with unconscious desire as it arises, and what to do with it

– How to put all the pieces together in order to live as your BEST in the world

– How to respond to friends and family, as they will treat you like the “old you” that they knew you as, and how to not let them “pull you down” from what you really want in life

– How to create anything you want in life, through the application of ancient esoteric science that used to be so closely guarded for the “spiritual elite” and “adepts”

– How to build a foundation for your life, that will make you unshakable and unwavering to all the daily “stress” and “busyness” of the Western World

– A single practice that can be done in 5 minutes, for how to start your day, and remain unshakable and unwavering to all the “stress” and “busyness” of daily life

– How to discover and live your highest purpose in this life, and be the greatest service that you can be to all humanity

– How to strengthen your communication with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides, in order to receive clear guidance for every step of your life (no more questioning or doubting)

Profoundly transformational

My time at the Ayahuasca Healings retreat was the most profoundly transformational experience of my entire life. I came for healing and clarity, and I received both in ways I had never even fathomed.

The trip was beyond worth it.Although I ‘felt the call,’ I was still anxious before I made the trip. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I felt a little crazy flying across the country. However, once I met my fellow retreaters and the staff, I knew that I was in good hands.

I was amazed at how quickly I bonded with everyone at the retreat. In about three days, we went from being complete strangers to close family. From the very beginning, I clearly felt that the staff had the highest intentions and commitment to us, which allowed me to deeply trust them throughout the entire journey.

The ceremonies were extraordinarily intense and powerful for me.If you are on the fence about whether you should go to this retreat or not, just go. Make your reservation and take the leap of faith. I promise that you will not regret it.

I give my deepest, most heartfelt thanks to the Ayahuasca Healings family for their incredibly important, life-changing work.

~ Joe Buono

One year after my retreat

Greetings from New Zealand. It's approaching a year since my retreat now.

I still think about the experience regularly, and tune into my teachings and lessons, especially when challenges are presented. I won't go into the details of the tools endowed to me by the medicine, but they have unequivocally made me a stronger, more independent, an d considerate person, in an all - encompassing way.

I feel more individually stable and live life with conscious and blissful dedication to my truth. The retreat itself was pure magic for me. I could write an essay here about all the things I love and enjoyed, but I won't... The ladies running the retreat are angels in every sense of the word, all were simply love embodied. The Shaman couldn't of been a purer shamanic presence, divine and ethereal.

The setting of the sacred valley provided my mind with the calm and nourishment I needed to enable me to trust and surrender. I made friends and memories that will stay with me for eternity. The inner work was a struggle at moments. Regardless, I utterly loved the retreat, and look back on it through besotted lens. I'll certainly be returning one day.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sums it up.

~ Sam A

A completely new perspective on life

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience the most meaningful journey in my life. I have received so much from this retreat, and would definitely join again.

The nature in Peru was beautiful, the facilitators were amazing and the medicine gave me the deepest healing. I loved being connected to nature and it made me realize how much I needed it. I have met beautiful people I felt I was spiritually connected to and learned a lot from everyone.

Through my Ayahuasca retreat I was able to release all the negative emotions that have caused me so many blocks and unwanted energy, to get rid of the negative past memories and I entered a whole new world of healing and knowledge. My life perspective have changed so much and my attitude towards life is completely different than how it used to be.

I also take healing and meditation more serious now, many things have changed for me in a positive way and I’m very GRATEFUL for it. Ayahuasca experience was a bit challenging, but I made it through and it gave me what I needed. It was totally worth it!

I’m grateful for Ayahuasca and for everyone who helped me through. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the chance and time to go to this retreat and experience Ayahuasca, it’s truly amazing how I felt afterwards, all the love, peace, appreciation and gratitude. All the feelings and emotions that everyone must feel.

Thank you again for this valuable opportunity, this fruitful journey has effected my life and changed my direction to a better place.

Much love!

~ Dima Abuhumoud

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