Create Your Own Reality and Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

In this video you will discover how you can manifest the life of our dreams and own the truth of your desires by owning what you want to create

There are certain misunderstandings which have been instilled in us, programs within society, which keep us in certain loops, and stop us from really living, reaching, and experiencing and embodying the life that we actually want to live.

We often think that the path which we want to live can be laid and written out for us in the form of a pretty little box which fits within the confines of the limiting constructs of the world.

For example, if we want to make money, we think we have to make a business, – right? That’s logical.

And although that may have some truth to it – that isn’t necessarily the way that creation works. If you want something – one of the biggest obstacles we find in creating the path that we truly want to live, is our attachment to the ‘how’ it is supposed to be and look like.

We get so wrapped up in thinking that we must have the plan, the idea, and that we must know the exact steps of how to get there.

Thinking that you need to know exactly what it looks like, to get from where you are – to where you want to go.

Thinking that you need to know the exact steps to manifesting your dreams.

But in reality, there is no laid out plan for the mind to grasp which will get you to create your reality and to get you to where you want to go. It doesn’t quite work like that.

First you must understand the fallacy, the illusion, of how we have been taught to think. In order to start to change and recognize the greater truth of how creation really works

When we begin to recognize how caught up we are in the ‘how’, we will notice that either:

  1. We will get so caught up in the details that we won’t take any action.
  2. We will get overwhelmed with all of the options that exist.
  3. We just have no idea where to go or what to do with our lives.
  4. so we keep repeating the same things upon this hamster wheel which society has created for us to run upon.

But as we are starting to wake up, we start realizing…

“Wow, wait, we don’t need to run on this hamster wheel.”

My life is mine – and I can create my reality and the definition of it..

I can work on manifesting my dreams in alignment with my deepest desires.”

We then start to realize what is actually most important to us.

We then can start really asking ourselves…

“What do I really want?”

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Getting Clear On What You Want

We may start off by checking off these boxes, leading us to the degree, the job, that which we think will make us happy…

But when we start to think outside of the box, or moreso remove the box of limitations completely, we can start to ask ourselves the questions..

By first understanding this, it will help you to:

What is it that I truly want to create?

And what is it that I truly, deeply, want to live?

What feelings do I truly want to experience more of in this life?

When we can define this, we start creating more of it.

When you start to recognize the importance of embodying the feeling you are wanting, then you can channel it to create your own reality, and manifest your dreams by shifting into the direction of that desire.

When we start to shift our focus to what we FEEL rather than what we HAVE – creation starts to birth from that place, because it is an energy based system, which responds to emotion at a higher level.

So when you are emotionally clear on how you want to experience your life, you can paint pictures for how you want to experience it and what ways you want to feel more of that feeling.

If you want to feel more love, what makes you feel more love?

If you want to feel more joy, what makes you feel more joy?

If you want to feel more peace, what makes you feel more peace?

If you want to feel more purpose, what makes you feel more purpose?

Asking these questions is an important part of shifting the path and trajectory that you have been on – to start really creating the path which you want for yourself.

This is the path of awakening – it is the recognition that you are truly, ultimately, the creator of your reality.

Creating among your soul – creating among spirit.

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Trusting in Your Own Way

Trusting in Your Own Way Create Your Own Reality

So we walk this journey, looking at the multiple different layers which keep us stuck – in the life, the vibration, the frequency, then density, of the life that we’ve been living.

The life that we know we are ready to move away from.

The life which fuels the spark in your soul that is reminding you that this is the time to shift the direction and focus of where you allow your magic, your intention, and your direction to bloom.

So ask yourself – where and what in our life are you focusing on how you think you are going to get what you want, versus, just what is it that you really want?

What do you really want to experience?

What does it mean to create your reality?

How would you embody manifesting your dreams?

Let go of thinking of how you think it is going to come to fruition, because it will most likely look different than that.

And allow yourself to be more open, to the infinite ways that spirit consciousness is supporting you to create your own reality, in this now moment.

Following Your Heart’s Path

Following Your Heart’s Path // Create Your Own Reality

These are words to show you parts of yourself that you can become more aware of, in those moments you feel stuck and stagnant, because you don’t know the whole plan.

And when you are in this state – there is one thing which you can rely on, although it might be the scariest thing to do…

if it feels right, and it feels true, you can follow your heart – even if you don’t know where it leads, even if it doesn’t make sense.

It’ll feel scary, because it will lead you into the unknown, but it will also lead you to what is really important to you.

Truly, deeply, to that which nourishes your soul – and the reason why you have come here, to this experience, to this human journey.

So, just notice, where you might get lost in the details, of all of the choices, of all of the things to do – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

And instead – simplify it, get down to the core essence of what is really true to you – and start living the things that make you feel that way.

Go deeper into what is most important to you – and what makes you feel good.

You can leave the rest to creation – and know that more of that feeling – if you are willing enough to start feeling more and more of it now – will just start being more and more of your normal reality.

Trust the guidance of your heart to manifest your dreams and create your reality.

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Gratitude for your time and space – may these words gently penetrate into your heart and into the truth of your desire, as it emanates out into your reality in divine timing.

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, in deepest Prayer & Service for us All,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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