5 Sacred Ways To Practice Radical Self Love

Practice Radical Self Love


Radical self love means not settling for less than what you deserve, while acknowledging the Divine within. Read this article if you’re serious about growing, flourishing and expanding in incredible ways, by learning to radically love yourself. This is truly the key to bring forth your deepest inner power, plus immense joy, fulfillment, peace, purpose, clarity and abundance..

Are you constantly mistreating yourself, looking at the mirror and questioning the familiarity with the individual seen in the reflection?
Or are you not satisfied with the way you show up for yourself and the world?

I get you, I seriously do… we have all been there! Loving yourself unconditionally is not easy, and radical self love doesn’t happen overnight, especially when there is a lot of subconscious unlearning to do.

From childhood till today –

why you’re unable to manifest self love

Our subconscious can be compared to a sponge which absorbs what affects you emotionally. Can you imagine that? Even the smallest, most apparently insignificant words or acts can subconsciously affect our being.

Think back at your childhood… How many times have you been mistreated? How many times have you heard you were not worthy? Not only from the people who surrounded you during your life, but especially from You.

Then come the teenage years followed by social media, with instagram filters which distort the reality of imperfection, with ‘likes’ which create unhealthy competition, and the negative pressure of appearing rather than being.

You may also be filled with harmful conditionings which lead you to believe that loving yourself equals being egocentric, while self love is not selfish!

So yes, your low-self esteem and incapacity to build a healthy relationship with yourself is absolutely understandable, especially during these times.

But what if I told you that there is a way to unlearn everything you subconsciously learned about yourself?

What if I told you that the metaphorical sponge hidden within yourself can be squeezed and lighted up?

Self Love is important – here’s why

Self Love is importantThe journey towards self love is not an easy one but indeed it is a fundamental one. Self Love is important and even if sometimes you may be living up to people’s expectations, I’m sure deep down you are craving to manifest self love in your life.

Do you ever realise that you are the only one person whom you’ll be spending your forever with? You are the most important relationship you could ever work on!

If you’re able to feel good and at peace with your own company, then all the rest will follow with such ease, and you’ll be able to become a positive magnet to endless possibilities.

So what is radical self love?

Radical Self Love is the daily action which emphasises the importance of taking care and appreciating yourself, your WHOLE self, nothing less! Embracing your flaws and noticing their beauty, feeling complete without the need of someone else to cover the gaps created by your own insecurities.

Radical self love is: not settling for less than what you deserve while acknowledging the Divine within you.

It can be compared to a beautiful, colourful flower. Its seed needs to get planted and taken really good care of, before being able to grow. It needs to get watered everyday, have the perfect amount of warmth, shade and love. Then, and only then, slowly and with its own pace it will start blooming into the best version of itself.

How to love yourself unconditionally

Your Self Love seed can be planted and watered daily through:

  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Mirror Work
  • Plant Medicine (link)

Physical touchPhysical touch is so underrated. Nowadays, sadly, we have completely lost connection with our body temple. Feeling the beauty of the skin we wear has become so unusual, while it should be the most natural act of respect towards our being.

Touching yourself will reconnect the outside world with the inner one. Being able to feel your skin, and embody it as a temple which protects your divine soul is a fundamental act of respect, just like looking after yourself: self care is self love.You can start reconnecting with your physicality through taking warm baths, doing skin care, eating healthy, moving your body, touching yourself with kindness, allowing to receive pleasure from you while making love to yourself.lf.

Words of affirmationWords of affirmation work deeply within your subconscious mind. Remember the example of the sponge?

Of course it won’t work only for the negativity, so imagine filling that sponge with beautiful, empowering, loving acts and phrases! Positive affirmations will work on the depth of your core.

You can start from simple little sentences like “I am proud of you”, “I love you”, “You did it, good job!” or anything that makes you feel that positive vibrational connection with your soul.

Not being used to it, it might feel a bit strange at the beginning, but to allow the flower to bloom, you truly need to remember to water the seed everyday. You can water your Self Love seed with powerful phrases of everlasting love.

Quality time is just as important. Confusing solitude with loneliness became commonplace, leading most people to fear solo time.

Though, as I mentioned before, most of your existence is spent on your own, so you better make the best out of it, don’t you think? Even if you try covering the insecurities of your soul with someone else’s company, you cannot escape from your own self.

Quality time can be anything from sitting in nature while enjoying the beauty it has to offer, or going on a solo trip and feeling the strength of your being, or taking yourself out on a fancy date to your favourite place.

But it can also be just sitting in meditation, painting, or doing something creative. Self love is not selfish, spending time with your soul is truly precious, you won’t only start to appreciate your own company in ways you couldn’t even imagine before, but you will also get to meet new versions of your self.

Mirror workMirror work can be hard, but oh, so rewarding. It’s definitely not easy, especially if you’ve never done this before. Yes, I’m sure you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror sooo many times, but let’s be honest, have you ever truly SEEN yourself, though?

Mirror work demands this from you, to have the strength to look at your reflection and truly observe it, in all its essence. With the beauty, the pain, the struggles, the achievements, the suffering, the accomplishments, the pride.

Mirror work will unblock layers of your conscious and subconscious self that you couldn’t even imagine were residing within you.

Plant medicine will completely change your whole view on the way you see yourself. Participating in a shamanic retreat and experiencing Ayahuasca, Bufo , Kambo, or Psilocybin can profoundly change your life.

Radical self love demands that we see ourselves in the fullness of our complexities and plant medicine will do exactly this, removing any kind of conditionings you have gathered from past generations, family, friends, leaving you completely naked from ideas you have created of yourself, and fill you with pure authenticity.

This is the way to go all in with experiencing radical Self Love. Plant Medicine is not only watering a seed, it’s taking the seed and bringing it to its natural habitat, to allow it to grow with the perfect condition, climate and next to its wildflowers. It’s the one experience that will truly allow you to feel a level of authentic love for yourself like no other.


Now imagine combining all these points into one and start envisioning the wonderful flower you can flourish into. Integrating what you experience during the plant medicine and shamanic ceremonies with the daily practices, will dramatically change your life to the better.

Manifesting self love is important, as it is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to yourself! Your body and soul deserve to be loved and respected, and you deserve to feel whole, embodying you Divinity!

Would you like to join a community of like-minded people who aim to practice self love every day of their lives, while constantly doing the work to become the best versions of themselves? Join us or Book one of our Sacred Shamanic Retreats in Mexico to experience the most transformational time of your life, while returning to your authentic nature.

We all come from love, and we’re all here to reconnect to it!

With SO much love, in deepest Prayer & Service for us All,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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Heal ourselves. Heal the Planet.

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“I Pray For The Journey Ahead of You. May You Receive All You Want And Need, At The Deepest Level of Your Heart and Soul”



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