Self Empowerment: Choose To Be In Control Of Your Destiny!


Self Empowerment

  • Have you ever dreamed of being so independently confident that you needed no one else but yourself to achieve anything you’ve ever wanted?
  • Have you ever craved so deeply to create the life of your dreams, rather than letting life happen to you?
  • Have you ever felt dominated by people in your life and wished to be more assertive?
  • Do you struggle to find motivation, or are there things in life you want to create but feel stuck as to how?
  • Do you wait for others to make decisions or find yourself comparing your life to others?

 Keep on reading if you nodded your head when answering these questions!

Brothers and sisters, thank you for being here and sharing this space with us. I’m sure you might be wondering what is this “ecstatic dance everyone keeps on talking about” or “is it really a way to meditate through dance”?

Well, we’re here to answer your questions and doubts and make you feel seen and heard through our words and community.

What is self empowerment?

What is self empowerment?You’ve probably heard the word ‘Self-empowerment’ before, but might be wondering what’s the true meaning of it. Or perhaps you’re not new to it but you’re curious to dig deeper into this fascinating term.

Self empowerment is such a strong and energetic word.

Self + Empowerment – Empower the Self

Self-empowerment is the action of consciously deciding what life you want to create, while being so confidently sure of your being that no one else but you could ever have the control over your decisions.

Being self empowered will lead you to know your strengths and weaknesses in such a way, that you will automatically never doubt yourself, your power and your choices.

Self empowered people truly take charge of their own destiny!

Self care vs self empowerment

Self care vs self empowermentMany people might confuse personal empowerment with self care.
Empowering the self is a part of loving yourself, but it’s not the same thing!

While self care allows you to look after your own health (especially in moments of stress, hardships or need), self empowerment is a practice that gives you the tools to prevent those negative moments, by taking responsibility with confidence.

Self empowerment requires awareness and a lot of courage!

One is the consequence of the other.




Why is it important to empower yourself?

Why is it important to empower yourself?


Self empowered people are mostly positive thinkers. Having a positive mindset can change sooo much of your life. Positivity attracts positivity! When you believe in yourself, in your vision and in your purpose, you’ll automatically start seeing everything in such a more hopeful and optimistic way.

Being able to see the glass half full, rather than half empty, in all situations, can drastically change the way you live!


Confidence makes you unstoppable. When you truly believe in yourself, you will not even think that anything could be impossible. You will not limit yourself with negative thinking or beliefs.

Personal empowerment will make you go after your goals no matter what, because deep down, you’ll truly believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to… and when you go after your goals with so much will and motivation, you’ll easily reach your set destination… But remember to always enjoy the journey there too or you are missing the point!


Let’s be realistic: life is filled with uncomfortable moments! But let’s be honest: it’s up to you how you deal with your pain, after all pain is real but to suffer is a choice.

You have the power to take ownership of choosing not to suffer and personal empowerment can truly help you with that! You will start looking at hardships as challenges, rather than injustices, and it will be an absolute game changer.

Are you a self empowered person?

self empowered personDo you consider yourself a self empowered person? This is a very important question to ask yourself.

I’m sure there is no coincidence that you’re here reading these words and willing to know more about this topic. You might be doubtful about a few things in your life, or wondering why everyone keeps on controlling it.

Maybe you’re feeling dominated by family/partner/friends, or you’re a people please and forget to dedicate time to your own needs.

Whatever might be your case, I truly hope that these words can feel like a warm hug on a cold day, and make you feel heard, understood and inspired to start a new chapter of life filled with power and confidence!



I have a great news for you:

Everyone has the capability to be self empowered.
Read that again!

 EVERYONE has the capability to be self empowered!

 Yes, you too!

This is the best part of it! Of course, some people are naturally gifted with confidence and a stronger character than others, which might make it easier when creating their lives and making meaningful decisions… but this doesn’t mean that self empowerment is limited to that circle of people!

Self-empowerment is a practice, an action that you can water and nurture everyday in order to make it flourish into your own personal garden.

So, if you’re not a self empowered person (Yet!!) here are a few exercises you can do daily to become one!

And if you consider yourself to be one, you can also try these out to keep on watering your personal empowerment, there is no limit to growth! There is always more room to grow and sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.

Inner ways to help you become self-empowered

You are the number one person who is able to change your own reality, in such drastic ways. If you truly set the intention of transforming your life to the better by nurturing self empowerment seeds daily, your life might really take a different turn. You have the power to consciously choose to:

1. Observe your thoughts
2. Surround yourself with positive people
3. Be authoritative


OBSERVE YOUR THOUGHTS Do you know that little voice, which is inside all of us, and keeps on talking within you? The voice which is reading these words in your mind, that whispers in the back of your head?

Do you even realise how incredibly powerful that voice is?
Do you even realise that YOU are the one who can give power to it?

If your subconscious inner voice keeps on talking negatively, you’ll also automatically be negative. What if that inner voice speaks words of empowerment, motivation and positiveness?

Observe that voice, stop yourself when you find it whispering words of hopelessness and force yourself to change those thoughts into growing and inspiring thinking.

Being aware allows you to heal some of the images created in your consciousness, transforming them into more positive, thriving ones.

Your inner voice is indeed the most important one. Although you don’t always think about it, your own self is the person whom you spend most of your time with… but of course, carefully selecting the people you surround yourself with is also really, really important.

Subconsciously, the people with whom you spend a lot of time, influence and condition you a lot: from the way you speak, to the way you move, to the way you think and act.

It’s really important that you consciously and carefully select these people and move away from anyone who doesn’t create a positive impact in your life, if you want to change it for the better!

Choose to surround yourself with people that motivate you, cheer for you, inspire you and help you grow! Community is absolutely essential when stepping into your next level of life and it’s possible to be part of virtual communities filled with people that are in need of finding their place of belonging, just like you might be.


Being assertive and authoritative might not be such an easy step for everyone, but it’s necessary to work on it if you want to gain self empowerment. Speaking up for yourself, your ideas and your thoughts is truly healing.

Yes, it can feel terrifying at times… but once you gain this characteristic, it will be impossible to go back – it will feel so liberating, healing and empowering! You will start thinking “How did I never say this out loud before?” Or “Why have I always kept this for myself?

Being authoritative will not only be healing and liberating for yourself, but it will allow others to look at you differently, with much more respect.

You’ll be the person who truly speaks up and knows what she/he wants, and people have so much regard for that.

Visual ways to help you become self-empowered

Now let’s move to the visual side. Picturing your activities will motivate you to follow them. Don’t only talk about them, write them down, observe them and then act towards them. You can:

1. Create an activity list
2. Write down your goals
3. Write positive affirmations on sticky notes


CREATE AN ACTIVITY LISTCreate an activity list of everything you wish to achieve in your day or week. Get creative, get organised, get settled! This mental and visual order might increase your productivity and motivation – which will automatically help you out when reaching personal empowerment.




WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALSJust like creating your activity list in order to visualise your daily projects, writing down your goals will help you out imagining your target and getting closer to your objectives. It will truly help you focus on the goal with so much motivation and a consistent reminder of the final destination.




POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS ON STICKY NOTESYes, of course at times it’s pretty hard to constantly remind yourself to keep a positive and confident mindset. Writing post-its filled with positive affirmations, and sticking them all over your house, can be such an easy and fun

way to be reminded of your power!

Imagine standing in front of the mirror brushing your teeth and automatically staring at a “I have the power to achieve my goals” post-it on the mirror, or opening the fridge door with a

“I am unstoppable” just before grabbing the ingredients to make breakfast! It can be so simple, yet powerful!

External ways to help you become self empowered

Self-empowerment is an activity that, when practised daily, can truly change the way you deal with life and with your goals with no one but your own will! You don’t need anyone’s help to reach personal empowerment, but of course, there are ways which can help you achieve it faster, such as:

1. Working with a coach

2. Participating in a retreat


WORKING WITH A COACHNowadays the role of the coach is taking such a big importance! People study for such a long time just to be able to help and support others in their healing + growing journey. So many people are trained especially to help you find empowerment and confidence. Starting a journey with a coach can truly serve you and motivate you to better yourself daily. You can check out our coaching programs too!



When we read the word ‘retreat’ so many times we think of yoga, meditation or a relaxing spiritual journey. But nowadays the world is full of different kinds of retreats that empower, support you and make you connect with so many inspiring people! It’s probably the quickest way to reach the fastest result. It lasts just a few days but fully immersed in your own self! If you are in or around Mexico, you can check out our retreat programs!

Get your power back

It’s really normal to notice a sense of powerlessness when you feel like your life has been controlled the whole time and you seem to have lost command over it. Yes, it can be frustrating and disappointing.

But we want to remind you that no matter what, you always get the chance to make choices that can change your life, and allow you to take full charge of it!

Whether you choose to get inspired by our words, community, or participate in one of our retreats… we have the common aim of reminding you of the immense power you hold, with the hope that you never forget it!

We are all here to empower each other, we are One!

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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