Love Heals when we Honor true Relationship Needs

This video will explain how our Definition of love impacts our relationships to others and ourselves. Learn to love in a way that you may not have loved before.

We are all still learning to love.

And we all have a relationship with love that can at times expose themes of imbalance, pain, and wounding.

We display and repeat patterns which have been passed down from our ancestors, from the collective, and from the society which we have been raised in.

This relationship with love has instilled within us certain behaviors which lead us to creating the same experiences with love, and at times, with heartbreak, over and over again.

These may start to feel like repeating cycles, as if we are having the same thing happen again and again, with different faces.

We forget how love heals, and we get confused and neglect the essence of what a relationship needs.

And yet, as always, there is something we are here to learn from the reflection of love, as well as the pain from which comes from that love.

It is the eventual awareness that we have created certain beliefs around love that are actually incorrect.

Ones that are actually not truly rooted in the frequency of love. Not rooted in the awareness that love heals.

Consider the following questions:

What is truly in harmony and resonance with the vibration of love?

What is truly in harmony with Spirit? In harmony with truth?

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Unwinding Old Programs of Love

Unwinding Old Programs of Love

The reality that we learn about what love is, is convoluted, messy, and entangled.

With all of these other emotions conflated it confuses us from true relationship needs.

We mistake our inclination towards sexuality, passion, lust, and desire for someone as love..

and at other times we confused our needs and expectations as love.

What someone should do for you, how someone should treat you…

how love is supposed to look.

All of these expectations stem from different aspects of the way in which we were brought up.

Our parents, our societies, all serve as role models for these old paradigms.

Therefore we have confused what love really is and wavered from our true relationship needs.

We have forgotten that love heals, and replaced true love with an entanglement of what we think love really is, such as possession, a need to control, all of which are imposed onto the other.

A need to tell people how they should be, what they should do, how they should choose to live, or the decisions that they should make.

Our parents and guardians did this to us in an attempt to keep us safe, and in an attempt to actualize through us, that which they were unable to do, projecting their own relationship needs.

They had a vision for our lives, which actually wasn’t ours to begin with, one in which we ultimately have to let go of.

Because we have our own path – one that we can choose to walk.

Our own journey, our soul’s journey that is unique to us – and is that which ultimately leads us back to ourselves. Leads us back to the remembrance that love heals, and the knowing of authentic relationship needs

What is Love?

What is Love?What does love manifest in this world?

It is an ethereal conceptenergy, frequency, a vibration which exists beyond, full human mental understanding.

That’s why we can speak infinitely about what we think love is – and what it is not.

That’s why true love heals.

This is something that we as individuals are here to define – to bring back the truest essence of what divine, unconditional love really is.

And in order to do this – we must heal our programmed relationship to love – by breaking down the illusions, and misconceptions of what love is.

And by understanding that love, just is.

It is the purest expression of divinity.

It can’t be contained in the momentary box of what we might express as love

We must separate the other boxes of control, expectation, lust and desire – while still honoring them for the different emotions, experiences, and energies which they are.

Love is love.

It can lead into all of these other energies, but it is first and foremost, love.

The divine spark that brings us to each other.

Which goes even deeper and further than we can fathom – and is a sacred impulse, which is weaving the web – of the greater purpose of how our lives are meant to unfold.

It is what brings us to one another – and to those who are important for our souls journey.

And If you are feeling to connect deeper with those in resonance – you can join the Global Healing Community here.

It is a spark which opens certain perceptions of reality that we can only see in the presence of the other being. That which they inspire within us, ask of us, and what we then become willing to do for love, and for this energy, which we wouldn’t do just for ourselves.

Love is the spark that binds all of us – unites all of us, and leads all of us to this work.

We come back to recognizing where this all leads us.

It is a greater unfolding of recognizing all of this coming together. Recognizing how to heal ourselves, and our own relationship with ourselves, each other, and the greater aspects of life; understanding true relationship needs.

It all leads us to a greater vision.

And ultimately, it leads us to this expression of love within the world.

Allowing the divine spark which is created will come together.

There is a magic which will come together once we trust in following this golden thread – the thread connecting us all.

Love Heals when we Heal our Love

Love Heals when we Heal our Love

So it is important that we heal our own relationship with love.

To start looking at where we have confused love, and to start finding where love just exists purely, without all of the other entanglements.

Perhaps in an animal, in nature, someone you are deeply in love with, or in the love you share for a family member.

The opportunity for that awareness is always surrounding us.

Our task is to find it, feel it, to drop deeper into it, connect with it, appreciate it, and see just what magic happens in your life

So much love – always in all ways.

If you’d like some guidance and support dropping deeper into the love within you – check out our healing retreats.

May these words bless your path and allow you to deeply experience the frequency and vibration of love.

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, in deepest Prayer & Service for us All,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


our vision

Consider this –

This is the Deepest Reason WHY we are here.

To bring about the CHANGE that we KNOW is Needed on this Planet.

We can’t just wait around and wish for “someone else to do it”…

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

And we’re no longer waiting”

This is your Calling.

Let’s stand up for what we KNOW is needed for this World, once and for all…

Heal ourselves. Heal the Planet.

heart pray heart

“I Pray For The Journey Ahead of You. May You Receive All You Want And Need, At The Deepest Level of Your Heart and Soul”


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