Soul Healing: Create Lasting Transformation through Working with Plant Medicine

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Soul Healing that is authentic requires us to work on all levels of Being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Read this article and learn how to experience deep and lasting soul healing from sacred plant teachers, in a way that is natural, well-proven, and long lasting.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the power of plant medicine from both recent and historical perspectives – providing you with a depth and scope of how it could transform your life for heightened states of profound inner peace, self-empowerment, joy, happiness, and fulfilment.

I Imagine That You Are Here Because You Are Looking For Something Deeper.

Maybe you have been struggling with day-to-day anxiety, chronic depression, or a consistent sense of meaninglessness.

Maybe you have tried many different things to assuage the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing in life.

Attempting to find fulfillment in fleeting solutions, such as relationships, the accumulation of objects, or any other addictive habits which may actually be taking you

further away from that which you are seeking – a true inner-sense of wholeness and completion.

Maybe you are experiencing an inner-sense of lostness and are looking to find your sense of meaning and direction.

Or maybe you are just seeking something MORE, a deeper healing of the soul, greater than anything you may have experienced before.

I know exactly what that feels like. To be seeking a deeper connection to all life, to those around me, to nature, and to the depth of my soul. 


It can be very easy to forget, especially in a world where so much of the priority is placed on that which is materia; that which we have, what we can acquire, and

the urge for more that arises from the perceived lack which arises from the illusion of ‘not enoughness’.

Following the Inner Calling to Heal the Soul

Inner Calling to Heal the SoulThis human life, especially this current time on planet earth, can come with many different challenges.

We all have many things which we must be responsible for, and have to deal with. Families, jobs, relationships, all while trying to balance the expression of our true purpose, life’s work, and finding a sense of meaning.

It can be a lot to hold, and a lot to handle at times.

When we have those which we must take care of, all of those things which may distract us and take us away from the deeper calling and yearning of our soul – it can feel overwhelming and even further perpetuate the sense of confusion and meaninglessness.


Yet, deep inside, many of us can feel that there is something which remains even after all of the ‘things’ have withered away.

I want to remind you that there is nothing wrong with this kind of existential crisis. I believe that most humans who are self-aware and actively seek to raise their awareness, generally do go through something like this at least once, if not many more times throughout their lives.

You know the feeling, where a sense of confusion arises, and there is a deep knowing that there is something else, something greater, something beyond, seeking to come through you.

Even if you can’t quite grasp exactly what it looks or feels like quite yet.

And one day, you wake up, and you notice that the subtle call to discover more starts to come through you as an inner-stirring, a curiosity.

It arises within you, compelling you to start seeking to find that which might support you throughout your process, and that which might guide you towards a healing of your soul.

And that same stirring is what compelled you to seek out more, to explore the possibilities, and arrive here now to be reading these words.

From that curiosity, the hope of a greater potential arises – whatever that may look like for you. It could be a greater sense of meaning, more harmonious relationships, and/or a deeper connection to your soul and spirit.

Deep inside, I trust that we all know what that is, what it looks like, and what it feels like. We may not always know it consciously, but we can feel the awareness of its presence, deep within our bones.

We can see the presence of this inner-knowing reflected in our individual lives, as well as see it reflected in the outer-world as we engage and connect with our communities.

Because we are indeed also here to serve as reminders of it for one another.

And just as we’ve been blessed with these human to human connections to serve as a reminder for this interconnectedness, we’ve also been blessed in this human life to access the potential for a deeper soul healing through connection and interaction with other life forms.

And just as well, through this way, we’ve also been given an opportunity to explore the other ways that this deeper wisdom of awareness within consciousness can manifest itself.

Through these different mediums, experiencing deep and lasting soul healing is easier and more accessible than you may think.


The Path of Soul Healing Create Lasting Transformation through Working with Plant Medicine

The path of plant medicine allows for access to the potential for mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, it gives us the experience of consciousness and the


multidimensional embodiment of its forms, and gives is an opportunity to access the depths and heights of that feeling of interconnectedness which we all seem to be seeking at one point or another – allowing for a deeper sense of meaning,

unconditional love, and an authentic connection to our soul and the soul which permeates all things.

This innate awareness, this remembering, was present even before our current wave of technological advancements, and yet this awareness has always been innately in tune and inter-connected to the consciousness-shifting technology of these plants.

If you are reading this then I imagine you also understand the awareness of this knowing that I am referring to. And if this is deeply resonating with you, we would love to have you join the community, check out our in person 1:1 retreats on a beautiful sacred land in Mexico, and be the unique contribution that you are to the global collective remembering.

As your own inner-knowing allows for a domino effect.

Plant Medicine for Healing the Soul: Throughout Time.

Throughout Time.Although we are now finally living in a time where the knowledge of these tools can be readily distributed and shared almost instantaneously, these tools aren’t necessarily new – they have actually been around for generations.

The human connection to plants has been around for millenia, tracing back from 700 B.C. in India, 1500 B.C in Egypt, and with many archeological findings dating as far back as 60,000 years ago,

What we are doing in the current times, is remembering again, by applying and utilizing this age-old sacred technology.


Allowing it to serve as a tool for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth, and our personal individual expansion.

Alongside the historical uses, recent studies have even proven to show that psychedelic plant medicine may be useful to alleviating depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction.

The potential benefits of plant medicine are vast – and when combined with other healing modalities and integration tools, can offer a widely scoped approach in being able to experience a healing of the soul from a truly holistic perspective.

A Holistic Approach to Healing The Soul

Soul HealingAlthough I am talking about healing the soul, it is important to remember that the essence of the soul starts from the ground up.

The soul is connected to the physical, mental, and emotional. Therefore when I think about healing the soul, I know it involves an interconnectedness, a union of ALL of those aspects self.

Healing with plant medicine allows for an integrated, ground-up (pun intended ;)) approach to being able to experience the unity consciousness that truly serves as a panacea for soul healing.

At our retreats we offer a wide range of tools such as the medicine of Kambo, which supports the cleansing of the physical body and supports the resilience of the immune system, Temescal ceremonies which provide for a physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification process, as well as the sacred medicine of Bufo Alvarius, which allows for a deep awareness and spiritual connection for the sacredness of our interconnectedness.

Through these tools, you will experience deep change and transformation.

I don’t know a single person that has tried even one of these tools, and hasn’t left feeling a deeper sense of clarity, realization, and purpose in the next steps on their path.

And for us at Your Highest Truth, this is our path and purpose to share with you – in the hopes that we can support you in your growth, your expansion, and your search for deep and lasting soul healing.

If this resonates with you and you would like to go deeper into this work and experience a true awareness of soul healing for yourself, then you can learn more about what we do here.

Thank you for being here, thank you for your unique contribution to this existence, and thank you, for the inner-remembrance of your soul.

With SO much love, in deepest Prayer & Service for us All,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


our vision

PS – Consider This

If balancing and healing your Feminine Energy, for more Self-Worth and Stability in Life…

Or creating a life of Deeper LOVE, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT isn’t enough for you…

Consider this –

This is the Deepest Reason WHY we are here.

To bring about the CHANGE that we KNOW is Needed on this Planet.

We can’t just wait around and wish for “someone else to do it”…

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

And we’re no longer waiting”

This is your Calling.

Let’s stand up for what we KNOW is needed for this World, once and for all…

Heal ourselves. Heal the Planet.

heart pray heart

“I Pray For The Journey Ahead of You. May You Receive All You Want And Need, At The Deepest Level of Your Heart and Soul”


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