Transformation beyond words
The experience put together by Trinity and the rest of the team was magical and truly unforgettable and my heart is filled with gratitude for the healing I received. The level of care, consideration, compassion and respect they provide while holding an energetic space and working with each participant where they are is award-worthy. I could speak at length to the level of commitment the team of medicine people and volunteers have to each participant's success in the retreat. I felt safe, loved and cared for throughout the experience start to finish and I felt very comfortable being there. I also learned a ton from everyone I encountered. The venue for the retreat was breathtaking, nestled among rolling hills on a gated property full of wild plants and flowers. The venue was kept very clean, spotless of any trash and our beds were made fresh each day by the dedicated, committed and trustworthy staff who ensured our every need was met day to day. It was more or less an oasis paradise in a desert biome. The food was extremely high vibration, high energy local staples mostly consisting of fruits, vegetables, rice and beans something along the lines of very high end vegan Mexican cuisine made using traditional recipes and prepared and served fresh each day throughout the day. I always felt like I had enough to eat and was always served more when I asked. The kitchen staff was extremely hardworking and dedicated. The mangoes were unbeatable, the best I've ever tasted, or perhaps will ever taste. The medicine ceremonies themselves were amazing. The skilled medicine men and women at the retreat each were masters of their craft and filled with wisdom. Their songs and music they sang and played that accompanied the ceremonies made the experience truly one of a kind, like a perfect work of art being painted by a master. There are no words to describe the magic that they brought to the experiences which were breathtaking, emotional, transcendent and beautiful. Truly these were one of a kind experiences like none other. The dedication and fortitude of each healer there is worthy of praise, recognition and admiration. The participants were equally as amazing and the friendships and bonds I made at the retreat will last a lifetime. By the end of the experience those who began the retreat feeling like strangers, left feeling like family to me. I am humbled and grateful for all I have received and experienced there and feel as though I found a transformation in my life that goes beyond words. Aho!