One year after my retreat
Greetings from New Zealand. It's approaching a year since my retreat now. I still think about the experience regularly, and tune into my teachings and lessons, especially when challenges are presented. I won't go into the details of the tools endowed to me by the medicine, but they have unequivocally made me a stronger, more independent, an d considerate person, in an all - encompassing way. I feel more individually stable and live life with conscious and blissful dedication to my truth. The retreat itself was pure magic for me. I could write an essay here about all the things I love and enjoyed, but I won't... The ladies running the retreat are angels in every sense of the word, all were simply love embodied. The Shaman couldn't of been a purer shamanic presence, divine and ethereal. The setting of the sacred valley provided my mind with the calm and nourishment I needed to enable me to trust and surrender. I made friends and memories that will stay with me for eternity. The inner work was a struggle at moments. Regardless, I utterly loved the retreat, and look back on it through besotted lens. I'll certainly be returning one day. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sums it up. ~ Sam A