Brittany Szczerba

Immeasurable amount of support and love
The retreat here in the Sacred Valley offers an immeasurable amount of support and love. From the moment you step floor onto the property, barriers are broken and reestablished from a place of unconditional acceptance of the human nature. Restrooms, showers and rooms are shared. This, I have found, is the initial tone of the retreat. It shows you humans have been incredibly divided. Trust and love only grow from there, once you begin to realize we are all the same. Following that realization, you begin to understand that everyone is family. The medicine ceremonies show that everyone has barriers in their lives, which once are brought to the surface, everyone begins to heal themselves, thus healing others. Although the medicine is the primary draw of the participants, the healing is found in the community. This organization at El Camino Sagrado is where true healing is found. Staff/facilitators are the most authentic, genuine people I have yet to come across. The rawness shown here creates a safe place to process emotions and also provides space to come into your own person as you know yourself to be. This community of people is the catalyst for the change in the world that people are so desperately looking for. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to be involved in this process. The Hacienda can be compared to a rich soil, providing the proper place for a beautiful growth of roots within human emotions. The fruits of labor here are evident in the genuine unconditional love in which this family of souls is constantly cultivating.