A completely new perspective on life
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience the most meaningful journey in my life. I have received so much from this retreat, and would definitely join again. The nature in Peru was beautiful, the facilitators were amazing and the medicine gave me the deepest healing. I loved being connected to nature and it made me realize how much I needed it. I have met beautiful people I felt I was spiritually connected to and learned a lot from everyone. Through my Ayahuasca retreat I was able to release all the negative emotions that have caused me so many blocks and unwanted energy, to get rid of the negative past memories and I entered a whole new world of healing and knowledge. My life perspective have changed so much and my attitude towards life is completely different than how it used to be. I also take healing and meditation more serious now, many things have changed for me in a positive way and I’m very GRATEFUL for it. Ayahuasca experience was a bit challenging, but I made it through and it gave me what I needed. It was totally worth it! I’m grateful for Ayahuasca and for everyone who helped me through. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the chance and time to go to this retreat and experience Ayahuasca, it’s truly amazing how I felt afterwards, all the love, peace, appreciation and gratitude. All the feelings and emotions that everyone must feel. Thank you again for this valuable opportunity, this fruitful journey has effected my life and changed my direction to a better place. Much love! ~ Dima Abuhumoud