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If You Could Change Anything In Your Life…
What Would You Change?

Our 9 Day Yoga Ayahuasca Retreat is
here to make THAT happen for you…

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In a world where we are taught to “chase money” and “be successful”…

We are often lost, con fused, and unfulfilled with life.

Regardless of “what we have”, we need more meaning…

Ayahuasca is here to give you the purpose, fulfillment and direction that you seek.

At our Ayahuasca Retreat, we bring you healing and CLARITY.


“You Will Leave Our Healing Center With a Greater Sense of PURPOSE

And DIRECTION in Your Life… a Deeper Sense of MEANING…

Of Feeling ALIVE… and Exactly WHAT Your Next Steps in Life Are…”


Yoga from the East. Shamanism from the West.

Merging the two paths, brings a Realization of Who We Really Are, and our True Purpose in being alive.

That, when tasted and experienced… life is never the same.

“Once You Drink, You See…
  Once You See, You Can Not Unsee”

– Ralph Metzer, pHD

We are a Yoga-focused Ayahuasca Retreat, bringing the essence of both paths to Enlightenment, into one unified experience for the Western Mind.

The result:

The most efficient path to activating your dormant power and highest potential.

So you can CREATE the greatest life that you have come here to create.

And ultimately, live as the liberated, free, happy being that you have come here to be.


With us, you will find a level of support unlike anywhere else.

When you signup for our Yoga-Ayahuasca Retreat, you will get:

        • A 4 Week Pre-Retreat Preparation Course

        • A 12 Week Post-Retreat Integration Course

        • And most of all, lifelong one-on-one support, as needed

All of this, is here to ensure you get the MOST out of your retreat.

So the changes you want to make in your life become automatic.

We are the only Ayahuasca Retreat Center who provides this level of support.


Because to us, you MATTER.

You are not just another person who comes and leaves our retreat…

Above all, this is about FAMILY and COMMUNITY…

To give you the feeling of what it really means to be cared for and supported, with all our Love.

Yoga Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru

• 9 Days, 5 Traditional Plant Medicine Ceremonies

        – 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

        – 1 San Pedro Ceremony

        – 1 Tobacco Purification Ceremony

• Hatha Yoga classes everyday (suitable for all levels)

• Sound-healing and Emotional Release Workshops: To facilitate even deeper emotional healing

• Hike to Incan Ruins: Visit sacred lost ruins and a breathtaking viewpoint over the Sacred Valley of Peru

• All meals: vegetarian, locally sourced, honoring the Ayahuasca Diet (with vegan options)

• Shared accommodation: To bring us together, rather than separate us. The shared-experience is one of the most healing aspects of our retreat.

• Airport pick-up and drop-off on the first and last day of your retreat

• 4 Week Preparation Course: How to best prepare to receive the most from your Ayahuasca Retreat

• 12 Week Integration Course: How to ground the insights you receive into truly life-long change

• Unlimited one-on-one Support: Anytime you need support, we are only a message or phone call away.

Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Retreats, Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Ayahuasca in Peru


Emphasis on Healing Through
the Divine Feminine

My name is Trinity de Guzman, and when I first experienced Ayahuasca in Peru, back in 2013, I was shown a vision…

Of creating an Ayahuasca Retreat Center, lead by all women.

To bring the soft, gentle, compassionate Love of the Divine Feminine…

To bring balance to our Western conditioning… that has taught us we are “not enough”…

So we can heal the deeper sadness, emptiness, anxiety and stress… that comes from living in that world…

Today, we have El Camino Sagrado – “The Sacred Path – and the amazing women in the photo here, who lead our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru.

These women dedicate their lives and all their love, gifts, and presence towards helping you… unlock and activate your deepest potential and purpose in life. So you can be HAPPY and FREE.

I don’t believe you will find women who CARE for you as much as these women will…

Above all –

We are driven by a Bigger Vision – for our People and our Planet – as we pour our heart and soul into sharing the most healing and life-changing Ayahuasca Retreat… in the most safe, loving way possible. ❤️

In an era where the word “shaman” gets overused, pure intention and sincere care are hard to find.

In all of our Ceremonies our highest intention stands: Healing through the Power of Love.

This is why all of our Plant Medicine Ceremonies are lead by women.

We have built an incredible team of female healers, and their masculine counterparts, to bring you the safest, purest, and deepest healing through the Sacred Feminine.

Every one of our healers have been studying for over a decade, and have been initiated by high-level curanderos and traditional Peruvian shamans.

Meaning, you are in the safest hands of experienced healers who know exactly what they are doing to facilitate the deepest transformation within you.

Above all, the LOVE and the CARE that we have for you, shines through every word, interaction, and ceremony you experience with us.

Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Retreats, Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Ayahuasca in Peru

9 Day Retreat
$1800 USD
5 Ceremonies

Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Retreats, Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Ayahuasca in Peru

11 Day Retreat
$2200 USD
5 Ceremonies
Visit to Machu Picchu


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