The Kingdom of Love –
Our Manifesto

We are the Awoken Ones.

The Children, the Elders from the Stars, The Light-Keepers and Truth-Carriers.

We are the ones who pave the Path, for others to walk.

Back to the Self.

We All Return.



And Now.

In The Heart.

We Breathe.

From our Center –

We Love.

For the Service of All –

We Share.

For Heaven on Earth –

We See…

A world where Harmony Reigns.

A Kingdom of Love.

All over the globe.

Found in the most beautiful corners of the planet…

We Ground…

And Manifest –

Our Awoken Humanity.

One Vision.

One Heart.

One Truth.

We All Share.

You are. I am. We are.


~ The Children of The Light


With SO much love, committed to love, healing & awakening for us all,

Our Manifesto