The Big Vision

Imagine –

A world where LOVE is what guides all.

Where community, family, gathering, sharing and celebration are all a part of the daily way of life.

Where presence, being, stillness, simplicity and a deep reverence for being alive, is felt in the very air we breathe.

A world where we live together, laugh together, share together and grow together. Where we enjoy food, music, touch, closeness and the deepest joys and pleasures that this life has to offer. Together.

Where creative expression has free reign. Art, music, dance, movement, and however our hearts choose to express themselves, is how we love to spend our time.

As individuals, we are deeply connected to our purpose and our passions. To our gifts and talents. And sharing, being of service to the whole, guides our very existence.

Together, as a family, we serve a Collective Vision. With a deep understanding that we are One, we lift each other up to lift up the Unified Whole.


A way of living where we are so deeply here for each other. Where you are surrounded by people who understand you and embrace you completely for who you are. With no judgement, control, or expectations for how you should live your life.

Rather, we all support each other so deeply in our endless journey of evolution and knowing the True Self. Through ceremony – and every day – we grow, heal, release and let go, layer by layer, all the illusions and beliefs that we’ve picked up from an unconscious world.

As we welcome the Children of the Stars, the Awoken Beings who are here to pave the path, and carry the torch of Love, Light and Truth into the world.

We create this reality, for them.

So they may emerge into this world, so deeply connected to Who They Really Are. And their Spark of Divinity can burn so bright, as they hold on to the deep knowingness of their Divine Purpose, and why they are really here…

To wake up the world.

We create this community, this paradise on earth, deep in nature, surrounded by the rich, lush beauty of our Mother Earth. As she holds us, and reminds us to stop. Slow down. Remember Her…

And celebrate life.

We walk this path, and create this community, ground this vision, and welcome these children, as our deepest gift back to the world.

THIS is the vision we are here to create. Together.

And we call forth those of you who KNOW deep inside, this is why you are here…

Join the movement!

Come to Peru.

And we look so forward to creating the New Earth… Together.

With SO much love, committed to love, healing & awakening for us all,


our vision