Understand how you can embody your own divine masculine energy and transmute your wounded masculine traits to transform your expressions, your relationships, and how you show up in the world. 

Are you curious about your own expression of masculine energy? 

Do you wonder about your own expression of either divine masculine energy – or wounded masculine traits?

This article will teach you how these energies can manifest in many ways and which ones you may be more drawn to. With this knowledge, you can then explore how to embody your own expression of these energies in a more conscious and advanced way.

Masculine and Feminine dynamics have been intricately woven within the framework of our reality amongst many different layers and aspects of being. 

And amongst these expressions – there are various ways that these energies can manifest themselves.

It is important to remember that although these energies might include particular genders – they also go beyond the idea and concept of gender as well. 

Wounded masculine energy has played a pivotal part in our history and in some of the more prominent expressions and behaviors, especially in more recent times. 

But just as well, there are also some divine masculine traits coming forth, serving not only to balance the wounded masculine energy traits – but also as a catalyst for the transmutation of these particular traits and the way in which they manifest. 

This energy can manifest on both an individual and collective scale – you can learn more about that here.

What is Wounded Masculine Energy?

Wounded masculine energy is an unintegrated form of immature masculine energy.

It is an expression of energy that is being motivated by the lower-ego version of self. 

An aspect of self that is responding from holding onto pain, trauma, guilt, shame, and the corresponding reactions that operate from the place of these experiences brings forth within an individual. 

It isn’t about being innately wrong – or something that can’t be shifted – because it can. 

It just takes awareness, willingness, and an ability to heal and to do things differently in order to bring awareness to the behaviors which might still be operating from a wounded masculine energy – and then start to practice and integrate more divine masculine traits.

Do you feel like you might already be embodying some wounded masculine traits? 

If so, and if you feel like you are ready to explore different ways to support the healing of trauma and the integration of divine masculine energy – check out our sacred plant medicine healing retreats here.

The Wounded Masculine and the Divine Masculine

The Mature Adult vs. Peter Pan

Once again – there is no intention to judge, shame, or ostracize any of these inclinations and behaviors – but it is important if you want to integrate your wounded masculine into their divine masculine, to understand these behaviors along with how and why you might manifest within oneself in order to transform the behaviors into these more mature, divine masculine traits. 

The Peter Pan phase is one which many individuals go through in their maturation process. 

There is a sense of immaturity present here, where you might not want to take responsibility for yourself, not really feel like being a grown-up, and not want to have many concerns or worries about the consequences of your choices and actions. 

It’s the energy of a freebird – unattached, without care, but also without the ability to commit in order to actually build towards something greater. 

The mature adult energy, as a divine masculine trait – is when you’ve  already moved past the phase of immaturity and are in a space of willingness to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, along with an ability to commit and put your energy into building something greater than yourself. 

This energy arises when you are embodied in your maturity, are solid within yourself, and understand the importance of accountability, responsibility, and your ability to consciously create. 

This brings me to the next point…

Accountability and Personal Responsibility

Wounded masculine energy often remains stuck in victim mode. 

This arises when you blame the external world for all of the things which happen to you, and for all of the things which you might have to endure. 

This perspective isn’t to victim-blame anyone – but to bring awareness to the fact that only we ourselves are able to control the ways we react and respond to our circumstances and the situations which occur around us. 

When in the wounded masculine energy, you might think that if others change, or if the situation changes, then your problems will be taken care of, solved, no longer an issue, etc. 

Which obviously, couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Although of course – we can’t control others and what they do or don’t do – but as I mentioned before – we can take back the responsibility for ourselves by shifting the way we respond, and deal with the situation we are being faced with. 

And the ironic thing about the wounded masculine – is that when you are in this state, you might have trouble taking responsibility – or even apologizing for any of your own wrongdoings or any of the mistakes you might have made. 

This is because the ego self is so stuck in what it means to be ‘’wrong’’ or in the energy of ‘’entitlement’’ that it is unable to see itself and acknowledge its own personal responsibility in how it might be contributing to the things happening.

And on the other hand – the opposite divine masculine trait is able and willing to take full responsibility

This is when you aren’t too afraid or too stuck in the ego to apologize. 

And neither do you place all the blame on all of the things happening externally because, or even only on yourself for that matter because you are able to acknowledge and take personal responsibility for your own actions, reactions, and responses, in order to shift the situation in a beneficial way – or put the necessary boundaries up when need be. 

Practicing Honesty and Integrity

Since the wounded masculine energy doesn’t feel the need to be responsible for its actions – or acknowledge the impact that it is making on the things happening around this – when you are embodying this energy, you might not feel the need to follow up on, or even follow through on the things of which you had said you were going to do, whether promised to yourself or even to others. 

The divine masculine trait to balance this would be the embodiment of honesty and integrity. 

This is when you are able to clearly intend to follow through on the promises of which you make – and if for some reason something happens which makes it so plans change, or if circumstances ask for otherwise – you have no problem with communicating openly that which you are deciding to do differently. 

In this higher embodiment, you intend on following through, and mean the things you say – and you also take personal responsibility and communicate to the necessary parties involved. 

Embodying Humility and Confidence

The wounded masculine energy would be trapped in the illusion of superiority and hierarchy – operating from the ego through these energies…

But the divine masculine trait to counteract this would be one of humility and confidence. 

This is when you know that the attachment of your identity to any role or position is only an illusory aspect of this matrix, our 3D reality in where which ultimately, our soul self of working through our human self 

And you also understand that everyone has their role and their aligned place, at different times, you are able to still stand in your healthy confidence in yourself, and in the way in which you carry yourself, all the while still remaining humble and moving from the space of your heart throughout it all. 

Your confidence is equally important to you as your humility. 

Serving as a Leader and Protector

The wounded masculine energy lives and operates prominently from a place of fear consciousness – therefore it is challenging for it to stand up for the things in his life, and also difficult for it to stand up for others. 

The divine masculine trait of this energy would be when you are able to tap into the energy of being a protector. A protector for yourself, your family, and your community.

This is when you realize that you have strength and power that comes from within you, one of which, even if you are experiencing any fear (which is normal and human),  doesn’t supersede your natural instinct to protect and defend that which needs to be protected and defended when the time and situation calls for it.

Respecting the Feminine

The wounded masculine energy is stuck in the illusion of separation and difference. 

When acting and being from this place, you might also become trapped in the old paradigm of hierarchy, and the battles between the sexes and the roles that the energies have historically embodied. 

In this sense, thinking the feminine is something to conquer or repress – and in turn, also denying the feminine aspects within yourself as well. 

The divine masculine trait to counteract this would be allowing yourself to deeply acknowledge, respect, and appreciate the feminine within yourself, and within the world.

This means that you are in touch with the deeper aspects of yourself, such as your intuition, your emotional body, and your ability to love and nurture when the circumstances in your life call for it. 

Your understanding of these aspects of yourself also allows you to deeply acknowledge and respect these aspects of the feminine on the external as well.

The wounded masculine energy doesn’t have a solid understanding of the importance of taking aligned-action in order to make things in its reality happen. 

Instead, when you’re in it, you lack trust, embody the energy of lethargy, and want things to happen for you – instead of putting the energy into the things which you know you need to do in order to create the reality you desire. 

The divine masculine traits and expression of this are embodied when you utilize your creative power in order to direct this energy, into the aligned actions which will support you in bringing your desired manifestations into form. 

This is when you trust yourself and your ability to take risks, and you take the aligned actions, fueled by your ambition, in order to turn your dreams into a desired reality. 

An Anchored Sense of Purpose and Direction

The wounded masculine energy feels lost… without an understanding of any direction, or where to go

And I’m not necessarily speaking of this aspect as a phase of life – which is natural and also something that the majority of us might experience at various points in our life. 

I’m referring to this being a pattern that you might fall into when you are  continually operating from your wound. 

The divine masculine energy understands that any aspect of this is only a phase, a passing period in life.

And when you are ready, the time will come to access the ability to focus and embody a sense of drive and direction needed in order to create your desired reality and to anchor in a deeper sense of purpose, and a greater impact, of what it is that you are doing, and all that you are apart of.

Looking Within for Our Answers

These are just a handful of different traits and perspectives which differentiate the nuances of expression between wounded masculine energy and the counteracting divine masculine traits.

Were there some which might have resonated with you more than others?

Can you see aspects of yourself in both of the polarities?

Everything is okay. 

And thankfully, with awareness, and a willingness to learn, heal, and evolve, you are able to transform any wounded masculine energy into the higher expression of divine masculine traits.

But reflect on your own life, and your own experience and determine some other aspect of each, which might support yourself – or even someone you know – into a greater expression and expansion. 

You can check out our global community here if you’d want to get in touch with a group of like-minded people who have worked on, and are working on, anchoring and healing their wounded male energy.

Please be sure to learn more about our sacred plant medicine retreats and how they might be able to support you in your path if you’d like a special chance to heal some of the wounded masculine energy that you believe you could be embodying yourself.

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,

Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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