Best Way To Start The Day – This ONE Thing Will Transform Your Life!

Good morning world I’m here with my beautiful beloved and my baby girl was just three months old oh she’s so precious oh we they just came to visit me as I slept here in my little outdoor daybed or not really Dave that any more of it isn’t it turned into a night bed because I love it and I’ve been sleeping here with a little mosquito net and I just wanted to share a beautiful little message about the best way to start your day.

I lie here and so much gratitude for how beautiful my life is and I close my eyes and I ask what can I share as I’m inspired to share make this video and it’s the greatest way you can start your day how I’ve gotten to this place where I have so much to give thanks for is gratitude wake up and instantly look for the things you can be grateful for and there’s always something may it be your bed your the roof over your head the food that you might be about to consume whatever it is it’s life itself the breath you breathe the people who surround you anything and everything there’s always something to be grateful for in every moment.

When you live life from this place you get more things that you can be grateful for so here’s just a beautiful of message from my family oh and I always like to add a little challenge to my videos and in this video the challenge is where can you be more grateful in your life how can you wake up with more gratitude and how can you bring this into your everyday moment moment living especially when you want to complain about something or something is making you upset the challenge is can you consciously and deliberately shift your attention and your awareness to that which might make you upset the lack of the situation what’s missing – what makes you happy – what you can be grateful for and when you can do this you will naturally find all the things that you’ve wanted in life all the things that are most important to you will start to come to you more easily and effortlessly and this is the magic of manifestation and gratitude thank you so much so much love from us all.

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